Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1837 3.3.1941

Effect of malicious destruction ....

The visible world consists of a hardened substance, is taken from the spiritual, is supposed to serve the spiritual as a dwelling place and dissolve again into spiritual substance as soon as it has fulfilled its purpose. Thus everything that is visible is given a task, and it also fulfils this task as long as the human being has no influence on it. But by virtue of his will he can also be a hindrance, by prematurely destroying a visible work of creation he can cause the spiritual substance to dissolve before its allotted time, before it has therefore fulfilled its purpose.

And then the human being acts against divine order, for he violates laws which God Himself has given, he interferes with divine destiny, he prevents the spiritual substance from maturing, and this again seeks compensation for the injustice done to it, since such an interruption prolongs its course of development and it now has to endure the state of suffering for a correspondingly longer time. This prematurely freed spiritual substance oppresses people and, since it is still immature itself, in a way that also has a damaging effect on the souls.

Everything that is visible cannot have a damaging effect on the human being because it is banished in form, but once it has become invisible to the human being, the spiritual has power over the human being, even if in the most diverse ways. That is why destructions, no matter what kind, always have a detrimental effect on the human being, and it is now understandable that on the one hand people's spiritual nature is a result of their destructive rage, but that conversely the latter will increase again because the spiritual beings feel comfortable in freedom and believe they can escape the bound state.

Hence much becomes invisible, and just as much imperfect spiritual substance hopes to be able to escape from form forever, and therefore it impels people to use their free will in such a way that they destroy visible creations, for it believes it can thereby retain its freedom. However, this will soon be taken away from it again, and now the spiritual substance is in great distress, for it feels the new constraint even more agonisingly than before, and its agitation is expressed in the most diverse ways, but always such that people are oppressed in its environment .... that the human being's soul feels tormented in an often unbearable way, that it loses its will to live, is exposed to physical illnesses, is intolerant or even openly opposes God .....

And these are always the effects of such malicious destruction of divine creations, which have serious consequences and bring the greatest earthly and spiritual disadvantage. For they are actions against divine order, and thus they must result in harm to the body and soul. For God-opposing forces are always at work and try to determine people, to misuse their free will and to destroy what God let come into being for the higher development of the imperfect spirit ....



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