Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1840 6.3.1941

Pre-conditions for the working of the divine Spirit ....


These are the prerequisites for the working of the spirit in the human being, that he strives to live in accordance with divine will, that he educates himself to be humble and peaceful, that he is willing to serve God and his neighbour, and that he is lovingly active and thus shapes himself to become an image of God. The spirit from God in the human being enters into an alliance with the divine spirit outside of himself, which is an emanation of God; however, everything divine requires a receptacle which is worthy of receiving such delicious content, and therefore the first condition is that the human being is pure of heart, that he detests what is not good and noble .... that he strives for truth and hates lies .... that he does not harbour dishonest thoughts, that he keeps away from all unkindness, that he is just in thought and action and serves with love .....

Then his heart will shape itself such that it is worthy of receiving the divine spirit and thus also capable of doing so, for then the spirit in the human being will be free and able to unite with the spiritual substance outside of himself which is perfect and therefore receives the emanation of strength from God and conveys it to the spirit in the human being. The sending forth of the Holy Spirit is therefore the transmission of divine strength through spiritual bearers of light and strength, i.e. perfect beings who have found union with God and now constantly receive and transmit light and strength .....

Anyone who requests the spirit from God from the bottom of his heart and in deepest humility will be allowed to receive the divine spirit, the holiest from God, provided he makes an effort to live in such a way that he is worthy of the most delicious gift of grace. He must acknowledge God as the highest and most perfect Being, Who is mighty beyond measure and wise, and thus believe ..... He must ask for His love and grace, thus demand what God wants to distribute .... and be lovingly active himself so that God's love can communicate itself to him ....

And God will overshadow a person who thus forms himself with His grace .... He will give him unmeasured what is divine portion .... His Spirit .... He will guide him into right thinking, enlighten his spirit and give him strength to recognise what is right. He will enrich his knowledge, and creation will be revealed to him brightly and clearly. He will know the meaning and purpose of it, he will penetrate the spiritual kingdom and only then grasp the significance of his earthly life.

But the human being has to do one thing himself .... he has to open his ear willingly if the spirit from God wants to make itself known to him .... The heart, his spiritual ear, must declare itself ready to receive and thus prepare itself by closing itself off from all the world, by only being directed towards God and imploringly awaiting the divine gift .... And on gentle wings the spirit of God descends upon those people who are willing to hear the divine Word ....

For if they turn their hearts upwards they listen for the Word which comes from above and which resounds so tenderly and delicately in the heart that it can only be heard when love for God sharpens the spiritual ear, when all worldly desire is silenced and the heart's longing is only for the divine gift. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is therefore dependent on the human being himself, on his will, his faith and his love ..... Where the will is turned towards God, where faith in divine activity is strong and where love for God and neighbour establishes the connection with God, there the Spirit from God will enlighten people and introduce them to all truth ....



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