Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1871 2.4.1941

Bad thoughts ....
Lovelessness ....
State of mind ....

Consciously rejecting bad thoughts is the surest means to raise the state of mind, for then those forces are resisted which use all their influence to turn the human being away from God. This certainly requires the human being's entire will, and if this is weakened by giving in, i.e. by giving in to such thoughts, the human being has to suffer, i.e. a gloomy mood takes hold of him which presses and burdens him. And evil triumphs, for its influence becomes ever greater, the human being's will and his power of resistance ever weaker.

Such hours are a certain danger for the soul, and again the human being must free himself from it. He must pray intimately and full of confidence that God wants to free him from this situation. The human being's will is also part of prayer, but if the soul struggles to be released from this situation, the good forces of the beyond will assist it, provided the human being turns to them with a plea for help, provided he himself longs to be released from this pressure.

But the human being usually becomes apathetic and does not defend himself, and the more difficult his liberation from the power of darkness is, and the struggle becomes ever more necessary, the state of suffering ever more unbearable. Firm faith is the best remedy, and the human being can abandon himself to the good forces with complete peace of mind if only he affirms their power and strength. They will certainly help him and will not tolerate the bad powers gaining the upper hand over him.

To give in when bad thoughts arise is a lack of faith, for bad thoughts are directed against the divine commandment ..... Anyone who firmly believes fulfils every commandment God has given to people, but anyone who is weak in faith will also disregard the divine commandments, and thus his thoughts will be directed against these commandments, he will be devoid of all love, thus he will harbour unloving thoughts, and this is the adversary's purpose. For by doing so he will gain control over the human being.

In such a state it is often difficult to find the path of love again; the human being has committed an injustice if he harbours unkind thoughts, and now he has to make up for this injustice by struggling in prayer, compelled by suffering, for the attention of divine love which every unkind thought had repelled. The will towards God will let the human being recognise his wrongdoing and it will then also become easy for him to pray to Him ...., yet the will itself has to become active, it cannot be judged, i.e. forcibly directed towards God again ....



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