Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1879 7.4.1941

Material advantage of the activity ....
Rights Benefit of its ....

Whatever contributes to the increase of matter need not be in opposition to divine will as long as love for one's neighbour is the driving force for earthly activity. The human being should fulfil his earthly task and this will also bring him material advantage. This is not against divine will. Only the way he uses the earthly good he has gained is of importance. If he only has his own physical well-being in mind, then he will enjoy the possession for his own sake and thereby endanger his soul.

If, however, he alleviates his neighbour's hardship or uses his possessions in such a way that he provides physical or spiritual help where it is needed, God Himself will bless and increase his possessions, for this corresponds to His will. The human being can gain unbelievable advantage for his soul if he is always restlessly active with a view to higher spiritual development. Then his earthly activity is simultaneously redeeming, for it is carried out in right knowledge. The evil power of the beyond is no longer supported but its work is weakened by redeeming matter and again making a new shaping possible for the spiritual in it, but at the same time the now gained possession is used in such a way that it again remedies earthly hardship.

The success of earthly activity must always favour an activity of love, then it is God-willed and the activity will be blessed. But anyone who is only concerned about making his earthly life bearable, who works restlessly for the sake of earthly advantages, who only loves his own ego and this love is the driving force for earthly activity, who constantly increases his possessions for his own pleasure, simultaneously increases the power of evil, for he does not release the immature spiritual from its form but prolongs its bound state and hands himself over to those forces which influence him unfavourably by seeking to increase the inclination for what the human being has long since overcome .... ... Then the human being rejoices in his possessions and contributes neither to his own redemption nor to the redemption of the bound spiritual, but he binds himself and the spiritual in matter anew through his desire for earthly good ....



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