Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1886 12.4.1941

Signs and Evidence ....
Prayer ....
Extraordinary phenomena ....

Incomparable strength emanates from a person whose heart enters into the most intimate connection with God and who receives divine strength through this connection. This strength is communicated to all who come into contact with such a person, only they must be like-minded, i.e. they must also strive towards God. For a person who rejects God will never be able to receive strength from God.

If this strength expresses itself visibly, i.e. if it is obviously manifested, then this is an expression of divine activity of love. God wants to confirm the credibility of His spoken word through a visible sign. It is admittedly of far greater value if people unconditionally accept the Word of God, if they want to believe without signs and proofs. For then their spirit would already have progressed so far that inner realisation would have taught them right thinking, that they would recognise what is truth and what is a lie, because the spirit of God is working in them, thus the strength from God expresses itself ....

The human being believes himself to be a being which is completely isolated from God, and with this belief he would render every prayer invalid. This view fills every believing person with horror, for prayer is the first thing that results in God's love, His nearness and His emanation of strength .... Prayer is the connection between God and man .... It is the request of divine strength and its intervention at the same time the guarantee for the fulfilment of all spiritual petitions .....

But now humanity will often experience signs and evidence which are so extraordinary that only the eternal Deity can be recognised as the origin of such extraordinary phenomena, and the connection with God can no longer be disputed. The human being becomes thoughtful through such evidence of His strength and is now more willing to acknowledge it as divine activity. And then there is the possibility that people will allow themselves to be seized by God's infinite love, that they will participate in the transmission of strength and thus enter the circuit of divine love.

And such phenomena are to be expected in the coming time because it is necessary if people are to be helped in their spiritual hardship. The human being usually loses his self-assurance in the face of extraordinary events, and this is necessary so that he is receptive to the thoughts which are conveyed to him from the beyond. A silent affirmation of spiritual strength and a questioning in thought is a prerequisite for the transmission of the answer and at the same time already a quiet admission of his dependence on God, for he sends his questioning thoughts to a Power in the universe Which is knowing ..... Which is therefore superior to him, and willingly opens his heart to the answer from above. God's love wants to bring about this human state, and since the human being no longer thinks about himself He tries to push him towards it through phenomena which cause him to question .....

And this will often be the case in the coming time, that people who are devoted to God will be given strength and will be able to accomplish extraordinary things in order to induce their fellow human beings to believe. Admittedly, faith is not to be forced and therefore it will not necessarily be necessary to comply with this activity. The human being can also remain completely unimpressed and naturally try to explain such unusual phenomena to himself if he is completely unwilling to acknowledge a Deity. But then he opposes divine merciful love and cannot be grasped by it, which is to his own spiritual disadvantage ....



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