Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1906 5.5.1941

( .... After conversation .... not legible, d. Hg.)

Take the Christian teaching into yourselves and don't search in an area which is unfathomable to you and can only be entered by those whom I have chosen for it. Everything shall indeed be made accessible to you, and if you struggle in believing prayer to attain knowledge I will give it to you, for you shall become knowledgeable in order to be able to pass this knowledge on to those who, like you, hungrily desire the truth.

But what I give to you corresponds to your earthly change, i.e., the prerequisite is always worthiness, thus the shaping of the soul which contains My spirit within itself, and the serious will to serve Me. Anyone who seeks to remedy spiritual hardship with the gained knowledge of his neighbour, that is, who wants to raise humanity's spiritual state to a higher level, is driven to his spiritual research by pure neighbourly love, and he will be thought of without limit.

However, anyone who tries to penetrate an area out of pure self-desire, that is, who only associates a certain intention with it, thus the goal of the research is merely the human being himself .... if he only researches and questions for his own sake, the human being is not entirely free from earthly desire. For he does not desire the truth for the sake of truth but his purpose and goal is merely the overthrow of what exists and the desire to display an extraordinary-seeming maturity, and this does not meet with My approval.

To assist one's fellow human being and to introduce him to the right knowledge must lie in the human being's will in order to recognise the pure truth. But if one's own heart is not yet receptive for divine truth, then it will hardly be able to distinguish the spiritual state of the human being himself. He imagines himself to be knowledgeable and yet he is far away from true knowledge. And what he believes to possess is incomprehensible in his manner of speaking. Man ventures into areas for which earthly knowledge is inadequate. He makes assertions which he can never prove, it is a high degree of spiritual arrogance.

But humility should slumber in the depth of the heart, which now brings about the working of the Holy Spirit ..... The spiritual ear, the heart, should listen, receive and pass on. But man should not try to touch what is also offered as a divine gift to those who believe they stand in the pure truth. Within a short time they will recognise the invalidity of their opinions if the events of world events follow one another in such a way that the credibility of what was previously spread by unappointed people, namely by those who, due to their lack of maturity of soul, are incapable of receiving the pure divine Word and therefore only pass on what was received without God, which is why it can never be the pure truth ....



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