Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1939 4.6.1941

Supplement to No. 1937 Recognise - Will ....
Grace ....

The course through earthly existence is the only possibility to shape the being to such an extent that it can recognise God in the stage as a human being and is therefore able to imagine something being-like and to make contact with this being-like. The being must now also use this ability to establish the connection to God. To be able to recognise and to want to affirm .... is the purpose of the being's stay on earth.

The former is a gift of grace from God. But the being itself must want to affirm the divinity as a human being. God can never release him from this, otherwise the purpose on earth would be missed, which consists of the will's becoming active.

But the realisation of the origin and the goal also allows the will to become active, consequently God's grace certainly indirectly helps the human being to also will .... the slightest resistance, however, renders divine grace ineffective, and resistance is wrong will.

The will will always express itself in the embodiment as a human being, only often in the opposite way, i.e. in a sense opposed to God, although everything surrounding the human being bears witness to the divine Creator and this should therefore suffice to also let the will become active in the right way. If God's grace would also direct this will in divine order then the world would be redeemed, for then there would truly be no being left to whom divine love would not want to bestow this grace.

Thus all people would have to come to realisation during their existence on earth and all people would have to strive towards God ..... Or else God would have to be denied the greater love and mercy if He were to let one or the other being fall and thus not induce them to want the right thing. Such erroneous opinions often arise among people, and it is far more difficult to eliminate such an error than to spread it in the world.

But in order to be able to recognise God, the lie, the error, must absolutely be eliminated, for a confused thinking of man does not contribute to directing the will towards God. God must be recognised as infinitely loving, wise and omnipotent, only then will faith be present, only then will love for this supremely perfect Being be awakened and out of this love also love for His creatures. Only then will the human being be able to recognise and will God correctly of his own accord, and only then will he be able to completely release himself from the bondage which was the result of his wrong will ....



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