Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1946 10.6.1941

Rarity of imparting the divine word ....
Willpower ....

Only few people are able to put themselves into a state that they are receptive for the supply of strength from God, i.e. to consciously receive it. And therefore the transmission of the divine Word is likewise only rarely possible, otherwise humanity could be given certain proof of the truthfulness of the received Word, since it would always and everywhere contain the same content.

But only a few prepare themselves to listen to the inner voice. And they will therefore only rarely find faith with their fellow human beings. The transmission of the divine Word is a process which requires the utmost willpower, for everything which assails the human being from outside has to be rendered ineffective. The human being must, as it were, escape from a world of thoughts which takes a completely different direction and allow such thoughts to flow into him which are otherwise distant from the earthly-minded human being.

And this act requires the greatest devotion .... It is the flight into the spiritual kingdom which first has to be carried out before the treasures which this spiritual kingdom holds can be lifted. As soon as the human will carries out the flight upwards, the source of truth will also open up to it .... and the living Word .... God's strength which has become form .... now flows towards the human being and is received by him.

Countless messengers of God are ready to give and want to distribute their knowledge, they want to instruct the ignorant, and wherever they find a receptive person they guide his thoughts such that they move in truth. The beings find their happiness in being allowed to distribute something divine, and therefore they are tireless, although this is an activity which requires greatest patience and love.

But as long as the human being's will strives towards truth a connection is created which can be inexhaustibly utilised, and the beings of light help the struggling human being to carry out the flight upwards as often as possible. For the spiritual gift can only be received where it originates ...., thus in the spiritual kingdom.

Therefore the human being must first willingly separate himself from his earthly surroundings, he must switch off earthly thoughts and only desire spiritual possessions, then these will be conveyed to him unmeasured as long as the connection from earth to the spiritual kingdom remains established .... For this is God's will that it be given to him who wants to receive His Word ....



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