Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1955 16.6.1941

Evidence ....

It will be and remain impossible to prove the assertions of the otherworldly world about otherworldly activity, for only earthly things can be proven with earthly things, but the supernatural is and remains something that must only be believed, but can never be proven. And therefore it is also impossible to establish a correct doctrine about things that cannot be proven.

People can only be given a presentation within the framework of a lecture which certainly corresponds to the truth but can never be presented as irrefutable truth as long as people demand proof. He can certainly acknowledge it as truth ...., then the inner voice will inform him and instruct him right.

However, if the human being wants to have intellectual evidence for it and fathom the truth with pure intellect without the help of the Holy Spirit, he will never be able to recognise the truth as such. And otherwise it is not possible to produce evidence that leaves no doubt about the truth of what was brought about by the working of the spirit.

However, there are people who are firmly convinced of the truth of what they have heard through otherworldly forces .... and for whom these forces are more credible than people who deal with questions concerning the beyond in a purely scientific way. In the case of the latter the origin of their wisdom is instruction or experience or in-depth study which, however, never guarantees complete truth, whereas those spiritual forces teach people who carry as little wisdom of their own as possible and who therefore accept without resistance what the divine spirit imparts to them. For the origin of these wisdoms must and can again only be God Himself. What God teaches, however, requires no proof and should therefore be believed without resistance, even without proof ....



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