Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1964 22.6.1941

Life - Activity ....
Death - Inactivity ....

Life or death in the beyond is the success of earthly life, and therefore the human being's responsibility is immense, since it is not a state of short duration which can be ended at will, but lasts for eternity or an unspeakably long time. In earthly life everything is limited, both temporally and spatially, and therefore the human being cannot grasp the meaning of the word 'eternal'. He cannot even remotely imagine what it means to live always and constantly or to be lifeless.

And therefore he often does not take his earthly life so seriously, regardless of the fact that he thereby determines the endlessly long life in eternity. The soul which is entitled to live in the beyond has fulfilled its task in life and now takes on a new task in the beyond which, however, no longer means a duty for it as it did on earth but triggers supreme bliss and thus signifies a blissful state.

And thus the soul which was inactive on earth finds the same, only that on earth it preferred the state of inactivity for itself, whereas in the beyond it is condemned to be inactive because being active signifies happiness and the soul has no claim to it. And eternal times can pass before it is admitted to happy activity, for it is unspeakably difficult for a soul which was inactive on earth to change.

For the first time it is so lightless, i.e., it has no knowledge whatsoever, neither about the cause nor about the possibility of changing its desolate state, and therefore it remains in inactivity, i.e., it has no will to be released from it. But without its will it cannot become active, thus it cannot reach the kingdom where everything lives.

It is so often presented to the human being in earthly life that he has a responsibility towards his soul, that he determines the fate of his soul in the beyond through his way of life. Yet he does not pay attention to these indications because he does not believe .... The unbeliever cannot be informed in any way of what awaits him after his physical death, yet no person can say that he has not heard anything about it. For he rejects everything that reminds him to think about his further life as long as he is not loving himself .... Every loving person will also believe.

Anyone who is mindful of his fellow human being's fate in earthly life will also be convinced that life cannot stop, and he will now, albeit unconsciously, live on earth for eternity. For anyone who is lovingly active will also be guided in his thoughts, and he will not be in a lightless state either .... thus he will know his task both on earth as well as after his physical death in the beyond.

But anyone who only lives for himself, who on earth only has the urge to create comforts for himself and passes by his fellow human beings' hardship, will never accept as truth what he is told about life after death. And consequently, no light will be kindled in him, he already lives on earth in spiritual darkness, and this cannot be any different after his death. .... It is dark around him and also dark in his thinking .... And only where there is light is there life .... But darkness is death ....



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