Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Spiritual rebirth ....
Mediator .... Task

The moment of spiritual rebirth is immensely uplifting for the soul and yet only little perceptible to the body, since the spiritual rebirth is a union of the soul with the spirit within itself and signifies a separation from the body. The body has little part in this act of unification, and therefore this is often very difficult as long as the body has not yet become still, i.e., as long as it still offers a certain resistance to the soul if it wants to enter into this union with the spirit.

And yet, heartfelt prayer gives the soul the strength to carry out its will. And prayer should therefore be used as an antidote when the body's desire is too strong and the soul threatens to become weak. The spirit in the human being likewise struggles for the soul and wants to earn it the delights of union, and if the soul then does not comply with its urging the body gains supremacy and its desire is fulfilled ....

The spirit in the human being cannot force the soul, just as the body cannot exert any compulsion on it. It is up to the soul what it decides. The decision in favour of the spirit, however, earns the soul spiritual reward, whereas only earthly reward beckons to the soul if it decides in favour of the body.

The spiritual reward is a total transformation of its thinking, eternal truth and knowledge, thus light ..... The earthly reward is the goods of this world, which are impermanent and transient with the physical death of the human being. The human being who is reborn in spirit need no longer fear earthly death, for his life lasts forever and he only discards the earthly body in order to enter eternal life without any outer shell. He is therefore reborn to a new life in which there is no more death.

The rebirth of the spirit, however, excludes earthly pleasures and worldly enjoyment, for spirit and body at the same time cannot be considered. The soul can only decide for one of the two. Whoever is therefore only worldly-minded will never be able to speak of the rebirth of the spirit. He must avoid everything worldly and completely separate himself from it in his heart, only then can the soul enter into union with the spirit, and the complete merging of both results in the rebirth, which is inconceivably blissful because it makes the human being worthy of receiving wisdom from God, because it makes him a bearer of light and consequently a link between God and people.

To be able to be a mediator who is allowed to announce divine will to fellow human beings is a grace of utmost importance and connected with a task whose fulfilment guarantees highest maturity of soul again, and again only few people make themselves worthy of this grace, and only few people offer themselves to God for service and ask Him for an earthly task for the benefit of fellow human beings.

But God gives His love and grace in abundance to these few, and they may request this grace and love at any time ..... God will always listen to their requests and provide them with strength so that they will be able to fulfil their task, so that the strength of the spirit will work in them for the blessing of humanity ....



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