Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2023 10.8.1941

Deepening in fervent prayer ....
Relationship ....
Father ....

People cannot get the right idea of how necessary it is to deepen in intimate prayer. Thoughts should be directed towards God, man should use every opportunity to establish a connection with God. He should see the holiest and most perfect Being in God and, although not worthy, turn to this Being with confidence and faith and present all his needs and suffering to Him .... in the simplest and most natural way, for this pleases Him.

He should create a state between himself and the Father in heaven which can be called familiar and childlike. No request should seem too small for him to present it to the heavenly Father; he should call upon Him in all adversity and know that God's love will not let the child ask in vain, that only the intimate relationship should be established which gives the Father the right to regulate the earthly child's life.

God wants to be recognised by people, He does not want to be regarded as a distant, inaccessible Being, He wants to possess the love of the earthly child in order to be able to bestow His infinite love upon it. .... He wants His living creations to profess Him so that they will thereby become free from the adversary's power; He wants them to no longer feel separated from God but to unite with Him ever more intimately, so that the God-remote state will be remedied ....

And in order to achieve this, the human being must often go within himself, he must seek and find God in his heart, he must shape his thoughts such that they have God as their goal. He must desire the divine Word, i.e. he must want God to speak to him and instruct him and make His will known to him. And the divine will must be his guide in earthly life .... he must always strive to fulfil this will.

God's Word is the outpouring of His Fatherly love, and those who listen to and obey it are in truth His children who will feel His love the more intimately they unite with Him. For the human being is on earth in order to enter into this bond with the Father in heaven, in order to re-establish the original relationship which was the most intimate communion ....



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