Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2025 11.8.1941

State of God-remoteness ....

The state of being distant from God can never have the effect that the human being is good and noble but he will always feel drawn to where God-opposing forces are active, he will take pleasure in evil, he will completely correspond to the will of the one who is at greatest distance from God.

To be distant from God signifies lowliness and baseness, it signifies imperfection, ignorance and lack of strength ..... And therefore a being in a state distant from God can neither be good and noble nor wise, powerful and perfect. It will bear all those characteristics in itself which the opposite pole of God embodies.

He who seeks to change his state far from God must seek to escape from God's adversary; he must avoid that which imprints on him the stamp of his belonging to the latter. He must educate himself upwards, towards God .... he must try to get close to God.

And thus he must do what is contrary to what he has done so far when he was under the influence of God's adversary ..... He must change his whole being, he must strive for perfection, he must desire knowledge and ask for strength .... He must fight the characteristics of the God-distant power and shape himself in such a way that he is worthy of closeness to God. For closeness to God is the most exquisite thing a person can attain on earth.

For just as the state distant from God binds the being, so it becomes free through closeness to God, and freedom is the desirable goal of all spiritual things. Anyone who is far from God is also bound; but everything that is not free feels the compulsion and wants to break away from it ..... As soon as the being feels the state far from God as torment and wants to escape from it, there is also the prospect that it will reach its goal.

Only that which feels good in the state of being distant from God will never become free from the power of the one who opposes God. It cannot become free because the downward inclination is still too great in it; it will be incapable of a noble action; it will also be incapable of love, and everything it does will correspond more to the will of the evil power.

But God wants to change the God-distant state, and where the being does not strive for this of its own accord He gives it further opportunity .... He tries to induce the human being to do good deeds so that he thereby feels the strength of divine love and may no longer be without it.

And then the ascent to ascent begins, then the desire for closeness to God starts to awaken in him, and the human being turns away from God's adversary of his own free will, because the desire for God becomes active in him, i.e. it stimulates his will to turn to God for help ..... And the human being will not call in vain if his prayer is for spiritual higher development ....



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