Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2030 14.8.1941

Belief and love necessary for recognition ....

Only where love is, there is also light, and where love works for each other, there will also be understanding. For a loving person will succeed in searching in the deepest depths of the heart, and he will discover the light which shines within him.

And he will be knowing, although he is in completely ignorant surroundings. And everyone can reach this knowing state if he wants to. Only unkindness sets barriers which cannot be crossed, and thus the cause of spiritual darkness is always to be sought in unkindness. Worldly knowledge is not affected, but spiritual knowledge is.

God's mercy, however, also allows spiritual knowledge to reach those who do not descend into the depths of the heart themselves .... . He also offers it to them where it is not desired, in order to awaken the desire for the light .... Then it is often difficult to accept it as divine truth because the human being has not taken the actual path to attain knowledge and because his faith in God's love, wisdom and omnipotence is not strong enough.

He does not recognise God in His greatness and does not know about His infinite love for people. And therefore it does not seem possible to him that this love expresses itself to His earthly children. And his lack of faith does not allow him to recognise what God is doing to him .....

Love and faith are the pillars of the teaching proclaimed by Jesus Christ .... Recognition is also rooted in love and faith. Faith in God's love, wisdom and omnipotence makes everything seem possible, because it is founded in love, it is decided in His wisdom and carried out by His omnipotence.

Therefore, anyone who has faith and is active in love at the same time also grasps the extraordinary working of those spiritual powers which are in God-like will, which are therefore mediators of the divine flow of power. And therefore it is understandable that people's lack of love makes God's obvious activity necessary. This is intended to renew or strengthen faith, otherwise the wisdom, the divine truth, cannot be supplied to people.

But God's will is that light should come amongst them, and therefore He first seeks to deepen faith, and this is again only possible when a process appears where evidence is omitted, thus He allows supernatural activity to be assumed. People cannot always be offered evidence and shall learn to believe without it. He will also be able to do so if, in case of doubt, he approaches God Himself for clarification or strengthening of faith.

The willingness to believe is already a considerable step forward, the ability to believe is then the consequence of the will to believe. For God also gives the one who wants to believe the strength to carry out His will, and what still seems unacceptable to him today can already be understandable to him tomorrow if the path to God is walked by him and not only the intellect seeks to fathom something which seems extraordinary to him.

God wants to be approached for the truth. But man should never feel called to try to clarify something that appears extraordinary without divine assistance. If he asks for it, it will soon become clear to him whether and to what extent divine activity is the cause of an unusual event.

Faith and loving activity are therefore absolutely necessary if the human being wants to make a judgement which corresponds to the truth. But anyone who lacks either of these will also be imperfect in his thinking. He cannot grasp the truth and is therefore incapable of examining what is commanded to people by God ....



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