Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2035 18.8.1941

Protection for His Own ....

Anyone who makes it his task to spread the Gospel amongst people will never need to fear earthly power, for he is an instrument of God who, through his willingness to serve, has also acquired the right to His protection in earthly adversity.

God's love accompanies him on all his paths and His spirit guides him correctly. For God needs people who stand up for Him before the whole world, who proclaim His Word to those who believe and are to persuade those to repent who have no faith, and thus He will also protect them so that they can fulfil their task.

And courageously and undaunted they shall carry out what the inner voice commands them. They should not become of little faith when external dangers approach them, for nothing is so great that God does not control it; every power finds its master in God, and the person who trusts God gives himself to the strongest power and no longer needs to fear any other power.

The demon certainly seeks to gain the upper hand, and he oppresses people immensely, yet the strength from God, which flows to those who carry Him in their hearts, is also extraordinarily effective. For He loves His children beyond measure, and He embraces those who are willing to serve Him with the omnipotence of His love so that they are willing to sacrifice everything and even lay down their lives for Him. And so confidently place your life in God's hand ..... He will protect you if your hour has not yet come, or He will fetch you into His kingdom when you have fulfilled your task and no longer need the earthly change.

Giving up your earthly life for His fellow human beings is truly the greatest sacrifice of love you can offer to the Lord of heaven and earth, yet He does not demand this from anyone who fights for Him. He protects you as long as you serve Him with faithful love and proclaim the Gospel to your fellow human beings. For this is unspeakably important in the adversity of the time, that people recognise God and unite with Him in prayer. ....

If you speak to them of His love and mercy, if you also try to persuade them to believe through your faith, you will win souls for God and wrest them from the adversary. And then you will be redemptively active in this world and fulfil the most beautiful earthly task, for you do not live in the earthly world but in the spiritual kingdom. .... You do not think of the present but of the future, which is eternal .... Then you will have passed the probationary period on earth, and if you now lose your life in service to the Lord, He will give it back to you a thousand times more beautiful ....



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