Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2040 22.8.1941

Nearness to God - Turning to Strength ....
Embodiment of God ....

Everything God aims at is good; consequently, the human being whose striving is aimed at God must also ennoble himself, because the approach to God results in everything that is necessary for becoming perfect ..... The human being will shape himself such that God will consider him worthy of His nearness, and nearness to God will in turn provide him with the strength to develop ever more perfectly.

For anyone who strives towards God .... and desires to come close to God will also be in love. Love, however, also conveys God's love to him, and this in turn is strength which the human being feels and which makes it easier for him to become perfect.

Divine emanation of love is the imparting of strength, and as soon as the human being is aware of the supply of strength from God he is also able to shape himself according to divine will. Then the human being can no longer do anything which goes against His will, for love protects him from it. The human being feels a strong urge to be good because the will towards God excludes all evil desire.

For to the same extent as the human being draws closer to God through his desire he distances himself from God's adversary, and everything that was once evil must now be good in him. The adversary no longer has any influence on such a person. But God now works in excess, for the human being increases in strength and grace the more he unites himself with God. And where God's grace is active the human being must inevitably ascend, he must become perfect and shape himself into the image of God ....



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