Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2041 23.8.1941

The Living Word ....
Controversial Issues ....
Cause ....

The living Word guarantees purest truth and should therefore be accepted unchanged. However, anyone who cannot fully profess it should pray for inner enlightenment so that the power of knowledge may be imparted to him. But he should never reject or doubt the truthfulness of the Word, for what people have previously offered him can certainly be wrong but never what God Himself offers from above.

And if God as the Giver of the Word is not recognised, God as the highest authority should be called upon for clarification, then God will truly not leave the human being in the dark as to what corresponds to His will. For God's Word does not only descend to earth for one individual, it is to be offered to all people, and thus it must also be acceptable to all people. And it will also be acceptable to all those who were previously wrongly instructed ....

Anyone who already has the truth also recognises it as such, and where disputes are still raised both disputants cannot stand in the truth; one has to err and join the opinion of the one who received the Word from God Himself ..... However, the divine origin is usually denied, but then it can be concluded with certainty that the person still lacks the realisation that the spirit from God is not yet effective, otherwise he would not be able to express himself otherwise, since the spirit from God only ever conveys the same truth. And thus it remains to be examined what causes erroneous thinking to still hold the human being captive.

If the will is turned towards God, then the human being has to completely give himself to Him, he has to completely divest himself in order to be able to receive ..... He has to surrender what he had previously. He must surrender what he previously possessed and listen to what God now wants to impart to him ..... And divine truth will be offered to him clearly and comprehensibly, for only then will the spirit of God express itself and guide him into knowledge.

But anyone who adopts other people's erroneous views and cannot separate himself from them will encounter contradictions, provided the pure truth is conveyed to him by enlightened people. And therefore pray for divine grace first, pray in all humility for brightness of spirit, and thoughts will flow to you clearly and comprehensibly, and light will come where you previously still walked in darkness ..... For God wants the pure truth to be spread amongst people, thus He will give enlightenment to those who strive to live according to His will, He will impart the power of knowledge to them so that they will become knowledgeable and see ....



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