Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2042 24.8.1941

Power of the Divine Word ....
Resistance ....

The spiritual gifts imparted to people are immensely valuable and enlightening at a time when error and ignorance prevent people from thinking correctly. People often get carried away with an opinion without being able to give a proper reason for it, but they cling tenaciously to it and it is difficult to free them from it or to refute their opinion.

It is better if they have not formed an opinion and can now be offered the truth, but trying to talk them out of a preconceived opinion meets with hard resistance and therefore often remains unsuccessful.

But as soon as they are offered spiritual knowledge which has been conveyed to earth from above, even those people will become suspicious if they seriously endeavour to stand in truth. They cannot object intellectually and their own voice in their heart admonishes them to profess it, and it only depends on their will that they don't resist and accept the divine gift as a gift from God.

The power of the Word is inconceivable, it flows through the person who surrenders himself to its power, and it also causes the resistance to diminish the more attentively the person examines the Word. And once the inner resistance is given up the power of the Word becomes ever stronger until it finally completely captivates him, and then the desire for it becomes ever greater, and now it begins to become bright and light, for where the resistance has been overcome the Word can work there with all its power.

Through the Word the truth is spread and ignorance and error banished .... And time and again God brings people together who are to help each other, who are to be enlightened and offer divine gift to their fellow human beings, for He recognises the individual's hardship and knows which means He has to use to help them.

And if people want to be helped they will have escaped the state of darkness in no time, they will recognise and strive for the truth, and therefore it will be offered to them and brought so close that they will accept it without resistance and sincerely thank God for the enlightenment of the spirit. They only have to allow themselves to be guided and not want to take a different path on their own authority, for the slightest resistance will render the strength of the divine Word ineffective, and then the human being will not recognise if he is offered the truth ....



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