Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2045 27.8.1941

Laziness ....
Weakness of will ....
Laxity in prayer Prayer ....

The more lukewarm a person is, the stronger the influence of the adversary he has to fear. Then he neither offers resistance nor strives for the power of God, and thus he is in the greatest danger of becoming weak and succumbing. He should always bear in mind that the ascent to the height is arduous and that a slackening of his strength of will very easily results in a step backwards, which again requires an effort of strength in order to be caught up.

The adversary is watchful, i.e. he does not miss a moment of the human being's weakness, but the latter should also be watchful so that he does not expose his soul to the danger of being harassed by the adversary. And the weaker he feels, the more eagerly he should pray for strength.

But if he also begins to become lukewarm in prayer, the adversary's power over him is great. And yet he cannot be spared the struggle against this power. Spiritual beings are certainly at his side, however their help has to be requested because they cannot become active without the call.

And the human being often neglects this call in hours of weakness of will, and then he is defencelessly at the adversary's mercy. And he has to fight the battle against him himself, which is often very difficult. And it is always the slackening in prayer which causes his strength of will to weaken.

The more often and more intimately the human being unites with God, the less he is exposed to the enemy's influences, for both at the same time, the strength from God and the power of the adversary, cannot become effective. However, the power from God is always stronger and excludes every working of evil forces.

In hours of need, of lukewarmness and weakness of will, a heartfelt call for the support of good beings is enough and the work of those is already stopped. Only the will to do good must still be present in the human being, and soon the sincerity of prayer will increase again and the human being will have escaped the danger. ....



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