Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2048 29.8.1941

Fearless proclamation of the divine word ....
Exceptional power ....

It is God's will that no other power be feared when it comes to proclaiming His Word to people. Times will come when this will be strictly forbidden; times will come when the Gospel will only be passed on in silence and secrecy because people fear earthly power and are therefore timid and fearful.

People should certainly also work in silence. But if they offer themselves to God for service, then they should also acknowledge God as the only Lord and thus serve Him by speaking loudly and fearlessly and proclaiming His Word. Only then will they be the right fighters of Christ and win souls for Him from the adversary.

The commandment of neighbourly love is the greatest, and if the souls of fellow human beings are fought for, this is true love for them. This will be a time of battle which demands courageous fighters devoted to God, for the world will proceed mercilessly and spare no means of violence in order to bend the will of those who follow Christ and confess Him before the world.

But God's grace will be effective to the same extent, the disputants will be permeated by supernatural strength, they will patiently accept what is imposed on them, and the more intimately they unite with God the less they will feel the earthly hardship or scourging of the body. For during this time anyone who gives himself to God will be blessed, and he will be able to accomplish things which are beyond earthly possibility.

And the trust in God's help will banish all fear and worry, and man will stand without considering his words. For it is not he who now speaks .... God uses His devoted servants and works through them .... He impels their will to act and speak according to His will.

Whatever may come, God stands by you who are to proclaim His Word. He gives you His strength, He makes you knowledgeable, He guides every one of your steps, and whether seemingly earthly violence threatens to destroy you .... nothing can happen to you against God's will. He has given you a great task, and as long as you strive to fulfil your task you work in His pay. And He is the Lord of heaven and earth, He is the most powerful One to Whom everything is subject, He can destroy in an instant what opposes Him, and if He does not do so, His love for all His living creations determines Him to do so, for He does not destroy what is from Him but seeks to regain it for eternity.

And for this He needs people who fearlessly stand up to people who are devoted to the enemy's power. The Word of God is to be proclaimed loudly, it is not to be suppressed or only offered in small circles, but the world is to hear it and recognise what strong faith is capable of. It shall recognise that there is a power which is stronger than earthly power and that the human being is inviolable if he entrusts himself to this power. For the world will experience things which can certainly suffice to motivate people to believe as soon as their will is good and they strive for the truth ....



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