Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2049 29.8.1941

Accepting the divine gift indifferently or demanding it divine gift ....

Every spiritual gift should be received with gratitude and must therefore be recognised as a divine gift. But the ignorant human being does not know how to appreciate it, and this is the reason why he indifferently accepts what should deeply move and make him happy. And a gift which is received so indifferently has little effect on the human being's soul.

Hence it remains an unsuccessful attempt to want to convey the truth to those people, for they lack the receptivity, i.e. the power of realisation, which again can only be received by the demanding human being. It is irrelevant on which spiritual level he stands if the divine gift of grace is offered to him; if it is only received with a hungry heart then he will soon be guided into realisation, for a desiring heart opens itself to the spiritual influx and thus it can flow over unhindered, and this results in rich knowledge being made accessible to the human being which can never be attained by earthly means.

The desiring person will receive but the indifferent person will go away empty-handed although the same is offered to him, for the desire for spiritual possessions can never be eliminated or the human being's free will would not be active. Thus the human being need only want to receive the power of realisation, then he will soon be able to make a decision if spiritual truth is offered to him, and then he will also be profoundly grateful that he is worthy of divine grace ....



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