Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2051 30.8.1941

Requesting spiritual strength or increased loving activity. ....

The human being's knowledge will always remain deficient as long as he resists the influence of the knowing forces in the beyond. The human being has an inner rejection of that which is not tangible or visible to him, and this aversion often determines his resistance to everything spiritual, so that he also cannot decide to examine something because the origin appears inexplicable to him.

But this attitude results in the fact that the truth can never be made accessible to him, that he travels the earthly path in ignorance and thus also enters the spiritual kingdom in an inadequate state of maturity after physical death. The result is that little spiritual knowledge can be imparted to him, thus he will always remain on the same level if he is not exceptionally active in love.

Only the latter can bring about a change of thinking. Increased activity of love can result in increased knowledge and truth, for then these spiritual forces will also have an effect on the human being without his knowledge. ....

A lively activity of love earns him the divine emanation of love, and this signifies an influx of divine strength .... through perfect beings which serve Him and which, as bearers of light and strength, are likewise lovingly active and transfer the divine flow of strength to the thus loving people. Increased love will therefore replace the conscious demand for spiritual strength, and suddenly the human being will become knowing and seeing and recognise and affirm everything he previously wanted to reject.

But if the human being is not active in love of his own accord and stubbornly resists spiritual influence by avoiding all instruction or mediation by his fellow human being, then it is difficult and often completely impossible to introduce him to knowledge and his life will be of little spiritual success.

Such a person often needs great spiritual shock so that he will be stimulated to think and then unconsciously make use of the help of beings in the beyond, and then it depends again on his attitude towards God ..... Accordingly, good or bad spiritual forces affect him.

And therefore it is extremely important to inform these people of divine activity, to make the eternal Deity accessible to them so that they will seek contact with Him and can then be mentally instructed by God. Anyone who acknowledges God can never be lost, for he receives spiritual impartations because he acknowledges God, and he is cared for by giving forces without his knowledge, and thus he can also become light if he does not openly resist.



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