Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2053 1.9.1941

Spiritual darkness cause of severe earthly suffering ....
Light ....

The mission which God spreads for the benefit of the souls is a grace for humanity which would only be grasped in its greatness if man could gain insight into the abundance of light of the spiritual kingdom and measure the state of darkness on earth by it.

The spiritual darkness has become unimaginable and the imparting of light almost impossible. The bearers of light are left unnoticed, if not persecuted and reviled, and yet they could illuminate the darkness with the light of eternal wisdom and redeem the human souls from an agonising state.

These souls are extremely distant from God .... and God approaches them again because His love does not want to leave humanity in this state. He will let an event happen on earth which can certainly banish the darkness where only the slightest willingness of a human being can be found. He will realise like a ray of light that he is taking the wrong path; he will turn to God and appeal to Him for help in utmost adversity and thus desire His closeness. ....

The nearness of God means light .... A short time will come when the bearers of light .... the bearers of the divine Word .... will be willingly listened to and now have the opportunity to spread the divine Word. People will hear .... and those who receive the Word with their heart will also act accordingly.

Yet there will only be a few of them, for as soon as the adversity has been remedied the majority of humanity will flee back into darkness again ..... He is entangled in love for matter and seeks fulfilment there, and thus he disregards the divine Word and the darkness around him is as great as before.

But for the sake of those who become seeing God lets heaviness come over the earth, for it is these whom His grace grasps, since He recognises their will, which is not bad but only weak. In order to guide them to realisation, in order to consciously turn their will towards Himself, a very difficult time is necessary, as it is now approaching earth.

It is a matter of saving these souls, it is a matter of spreading light in the darkest regions, it is a matter of overcoming the God-hostile power and of releasing the souls from the power of the enemy, which are too weak to fight against him ..... A ray of light will break through the darkness and make those see who open their eyes and hearts.

Now humanity dwells in deepest darkness and does not recognise Him .... The radiant light of the world, earthly splendour and wealth are enough for it and it pays no attention to the mild light from the spiritual kingdom. But the day will come when everything will be destroyed which prevents people from recognising the divine light. And then a light will shine for them whose glow they only need to follow.

Yet anyone who ignores this light will remain in distress and be enveloped in profound darkness ...., for God's grace cannot take effect on them because their will opposes God ........



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