Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2054 1.u.2.9.1941

Away from God ....
Coldness of Love ....
Resistance to love doctrine ....

The further the human being distances himself from God the more difficult it will be to convey the divine teaching of love to him, for the distance from God also results in a cooling of love, and thus he also rejects the teaching of Christ which only preaches love. It requires great love and patience on people's part to make the purpose and goal of earthly life clear to him, for his will will mostly determine him not to accept anything he is offered about it.

The state of being distant from God is always a state of willingness towards God's adversary, consequently the human being will never want to accept what speaks for God. Anyone who makes it his business to bring light to such people must be prepared for objections and refutations of all kinds, he must not immediately become discouraged but must exercise utmost patience and perseverance and try to establish a very intimate connection with good spiritual forces so that they are mentally guided by them and can withstand every onslaught on the part of the adversary.

It is an extremely rewarding task to win a God-abandoning person for God, yet this person is also cared for by beings in the beyond who are responsible for the care of earthly children, and these support the person in his endeavour and provide him with the right thoughts and words so that he will no longer fight alone but spiritual strength will now stand by his side.

And thus a person who denies love in itself must be led through love to the right realisation; he must beneficially feel what he wants to reject and thereby no longer be able to persist in his strict rejection ....

(2.9.1941) He must take pleasure in what is offered to him because it is offered to him in love, and first receive it with his ear so that it will then also find its way into his heart and he will then think about it. Then the attempt on him will not have been unsuccessful. This is the beginning of reducing the distance to God, and the least willingness will be rewarded by the support of spiritual friends. For these only long for the hour when the human being's mental activity will be directed towards supernatural things in order to then be able to have a corresponding effect with their influence.

The human being, however, who is unwilling and rejects everything, finds no contact with them, and their activity remains unsuccessful and the human being's life passes without having been of use to his soul. The spirit of unkindness has destroyed all faith in him, and only recognisable activity of love for him can make such a person's heart receptive and likewise stimulate him into loving activity.

Admittedly, God's adversary will also struggle in order not to lose him, and therefore the battle waged for souls distant from God on the part of Christ's fighters is not easy. But where there is will there is also strength .... , for this is at the disposal of the person who wants to use it for God. And the fighter makes use of the divine Word which is blessed with strength. The Word of God, commanded with love, must be effective where satanic influence does not obviously hold the human being captive ....



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