Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2058 4.9.1941

Knowledge or increased activity of love necessary for union with God ....

Depending on his receptivity the human being will now acquire this knowledge. But the knowledge will always concern things which are connected with God and infinity, and the knowledge received will always contribute towards bringing the human being closer to God, for as soon as the human being receives enlightenment about divine working and activity he will also bow down in reverence before Him, and this also means coming closer to God.

Consequently, the human being must first call a certain knowledge his own before he can find union with God. He must be initiated into the divine doctrine of love; he must know that everything has its origin in God's love and that he himself is a creature, having emerged from God's will of love. He must also know the purpose of creation and the task of the human being during his existence on earth.

Only the human being who has acquired such knowledge now consciously works on the shaping of his soul, and this earns him union with God. Anyone who wants to achieve union with God without knowledge must be immensely active in love so that he comes close to God through love. He must try to replace the lack of knowledge with unselfish love, for then his soul will be as pleasing to God and knowledge will come to him in a flash when he leaves earthly life.

Hence he will also possess the same knowledge because this is absolutely necessary for the task which awaits him in the beyond. For now the imparting of knowledge to ignorant souls is the activity he has to carry out. To be in knowledge on earth means to be able to carry out the mission already on earth, that is, to pass on knowledge to those who are without knowledge.

And this mission is extraordinarily beneficial because it brings great spiritual advantage to both the giver and the receiver. And therefore it is also of utmost importance when the human being asks questions in thought which touch upon that area which is earthly inaccessible. Such questions will be answered by knowledgeable forces and thus contribute towards increasing his knowledge and enable him to teach again .... so that he can already be active on earth in a redeeming sense for his fellow human beings ....



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