Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2060 7.9.1941

Separation ....
Spiritual Struggle ....
Temptations ....

It is like a partition which the good builds up around itself if its desire is directed towards God. Evil tries to tear down this partition and uses dishonest means .... It fights in secret and often under the guise of goodness and piety. And then it is necessary to be doubly vigilant so that it is recognised as evil.

Forces turned away from God remain close to the person striving towards God and perceive the slightest lukewarmness on his part to direct his thinking to things that lie apart from the divine. And now the human being need only be weak, then he takes up the thoughts which are whispered to him and his thinking no longer moves exclusively on a spiritual path.

And then the human being must again fight with himself to overcome these thoughts. Only then does his heart drive him more powerfully towards God, for the soul feels the waste as something burdensome and seeks to become free of it again.

But every spiritual battle expresses itself according to the victor .... If the adversary has the upper hand, then the human being will strive for external things and strive for earthly success ..... He will stop spiritual striving. He will interrupt his spiritual striving and thus pay tribute to the world ....

But if the strength of the spirit is effective in him, earthly temptations cannot change his will .... He is inwardly calm and purposeful; he despises what approaches him and would like to cause him to think earthly; he is faithful to God and thus there are no distractions for him, his will is always and constantly directed towards unification with God ....

And it means spiritual progress to have withstood temptations and to stand in increased desire for God. This one, then, has erected for himself the partition that keeps evil from reaching him. He is immune to temptations and also recognises the forces that seek to oppress him in the mask of goodness.

For his feelings are mimosa-like .... he will always sense the impure and defend himself against it; but those who allow themselves to be captured by it are still impure themselves, the lust for the world is still too great in their hearts and what approaches them with beautiful words and expressions they are not aware of as bad and wrong, and thus the adversary has an easy game.

But if the human being is vigilant and asks God for help, his eyes will be sharpened and he will act according to divine will. It remains a constant battle for him, only less noticeable if his desire is directed towards God ..... Yet the struggle is permitted by God so that the human being himself may test his strength in it, so that he may request the strength he lacks from God, thus he takes refuge in Him .... And thus his attitude towards God will always be decisive as to who remains victorious, the good or the evil ....



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