Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2068 12.9.1941

Earth Life - Probationary Period ....
Spiritual Riches ....

You only stay on earth for a short time, and in this short time you have to decide which life you want to lead in eternity. For your life on earth is decisive for eternity. It is only a trial existence, and it is up to you alone whether you pass the test, whether you use earthly life in such a way that it earns you a life in all glory in the spiritual kingdom or whether your fate there is a sad one.

Whatever you decide in earthly life will be decided for you after your death. So every human being will then reap the reward for the work he has done on earth. Earthly work will already find its reward on earth and therefore will not be valued for eternity. Only spiritual work will earn eternal success, for the soul will take spiritual goods with it into the spiritual kingdom, whereas earthly work and its reward will remain on earth when the soul departs.

And anyone who has nothing to show in terms of spiritual possessions has not passed the test, he has not made use of his earthly life, he has been inactive in a spiritual sense, even though he was rich in worldly possessions on earth. He did not grasp the purpose of his earthly life and therefore did not live consciously.

The earthly change is intended to bring about spiritual maturity. But if earthly abilities are trained and only value is placed on how the human being can acquire earthly wealth, the probationary period passes without bringing the human being any knowledge.

The failed earthly existence, however, can never be compensated for, and what the human being missed on earth can hardly be made up for in the hereafter. The remorse in the beyond is indescribable when the soul finds itself poor and meagre where it could experience bright and radiant entry into the spiritual kingdom.

Time and again the human being is informed of his task and his goal, yet the words go unheard in people's ears because they are not aware of the consequences of their negligence. As long as they live they do not think of their task, but in the beyond they regret every minute they let pass by unused ....



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