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Redemptive Work ....

By subordinating your will to divine will you give up your spiritual resistance against God and recognise and confess your affiliation to Him. Thus the purpose and goal of earthly life is that you finally return to God and despise God's adversary.

But in order to recognise your affiliation to God you first have to be given the knowledge about Him and His working as well as about the nature of God's adversary. You must learn to recognise the effect of the powers of both forces in order to then be able to decide for one of the two powers.

But as soon as one power prevents the knowledge of the working of the other power, it is no longer possible to speak of a decision. But this is what the adversary plans in order to increase his power. He takes action against God Himself, he tries to influence people's thinking in such a way that they doubt the eternal Deity, that they are inclined to believe in an accidental emergence of creation without the will and the development of power of a higher power.

The recognition of God is thus prevented; a power takes possession of you unlawfully; it takes what it fears to lose as soon as free will decides. This struggle is unlawful and the effect on man is tremendously detrimental. Therefore, the human being would be the one to suffer if God did not want to come to his aid. He must try to strengthen faith in Him and His strength to the same extent as the adversary wants to weaken it, and awaken it where the latter has already undermined it .....

And God does this in such a way that He chooses people for Himself who stand firm in faith and have the will to serve Him .... that He gives them a task which means a counter-work for the adversary .... that He builds up what the latter destroys ....

God lets these people find contact with people who are in danger of falling prey to God's adversary. They now oppose those who seem worthy of attention with arguments, and people now come closer to the essence of the Deity through reflection. The greatest danger has been removed, that the eternal Deity will be completely rejected.

But now the adversary has another weapon which he also uses without hesitation ..... He touches the divinity of Jesus, he seeks to deprive people of their faith in the Redeemer and thereby put them into a powerless state ..... Man cannot grasp the significance of this plan as long as he does not understand the meaning of the work of redemption .....

He will only come to clear realisation when the guilt of sin has been redeemed, for sin and darkness belong together, and brightness of spirit and purity of heart cannot be thought of without each other either. A being born of sin (which came into being through the will of a power opposed to God) must first be purified before it is admitted to the light, i.e. to closeness to God.

But purification of the heart is equal to the forgiveness of the guilt of sin, the stain of guilt is removed from the being. But this first presupposes full acceptance of the guilt, for only when a guilt is recognised as such does the will awaken to become free from this guilt. The latter is a redemption of the unfree which requires immense willpower, since the human being cannot even measure the magnitude of his guilt which the being has burdened itself with through its apostasy from God.

And it would take endless times before a being had paid off the heavy guilt to God; the redemption would require (often infinite) endless times, for it is not the sins the human being committed in earthly life which are to be atoned for but the open rebellion against God was the actual sin.

But this sin is immense, it cannot be grasped by human understanding. The inconceivable greatness of guilt moved Jesus Christ to His work of redemption ..... In His love the God-Man Jesus recognised the pitiful state of humanity and wanted to take it upon Himself .... He wanted to suffer for mankind in order to spare them the great suffering of atoning for their debts .... He wanted to endure pain in order to reduce their pain. He wanted to restore people's fullest freedom of will, He wanted to redeem them from the agonising state of a sinner before God ....

And thus Jesus Christ took the guilt of all people upon Himself and offered the sacrifice to God on the cross as atonement ..... He gave Himself out of love for humanity, which without this sacrifice [(would have had to suffer through immemorial times if it wanted to atone for the guilt of its former rebellion against God in the hereafter)] would never have been able to atone for this guilt of its former rebellion against God.

Only when man is able to recognise God will he be able to appreciate the love that moved the God-man Jesus to lay down His life for the people on earth. .... He cannot grasp it on earth, yet he should not reject the greatest work of love, even if he cannot yet appreciate it in its greatness ....

(16.9.1941) It was the work of greatest love for fellow human beings .... No being before or since has taken such a sacrifice upon Himself, no one has carried out such an action which entirely originated from free will, which He could also have averted by virtue of His will. Yet His love for His fellow human beings was so strong that, precisely because of this love, He was in intimate union with God, Who is love Himself .... , that the Deity was able to take abode in Him in all fullness without, however, consuming the human body, which is otherwise the consequence of the intimate union with God.

But the body still wanted to suffer for the sake of sinful humanity .... He wanted to atone for this .... In His wisdom, which was the result of His deepest love, Jesus recognised people's spiritual low and also knew about its effect. But this was so momentous, so extremely sorrowful, that He took pity on them and wanted to compensate for people's lack of love through His immense love.

Only the will to help them in the greatest adversity determined His actions. He was driven by love, which was indeed divine, but the human being Jesus took the suffering of the crucifixion upon Himself and drank the cup of suffering to the brim ..... He suffered unspeakably and died an agonising death ....

His will was to bring redemption to humanity, to help it in the struggle against evil, to free man from the guilt of sin of the former rebellion against God, for whose sake He walked the earth .... The human being is still bound by the will of the adversary, and his strength is too weak to be able to free himself from this bondage.

Jesus wanted to increase this weak strength through His act of Salvation, He wanted to give people a means to fight against this violence ..... They were to oppose it with the love of Jesus so that it would let go of them and thus the path upwards, to freedom, would not be so difficult for them. But the work of redemption and the divine Redeemer Himself must also be acknowledged if the sacrifice of the death on the cross is not to be made in vain for the individual human being ..... He must consciously place himself in the circle of those for whom Jesus Christ died on the cross, otherwise he will have no share in the graces of the work of redemption .....



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