Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2073 16.9.1941

The inner voice ....

Man needs an admonisher, for he is very often in danger of forgetting himself and his striving, and then he must be warned or admonished against acting badly or too well. And this is also a grace of God, an aid to the height, which God gives him in His love.

God does not abandon man to his self-chosen fate. When he threatens to go the wrong way then the admonisher in him makes himself loudly heard, and he will always speak against it and advise him to refrain from what he intends to do and to practise good actions. And the will must now be active to obey this inner voice. This will often cost an inner struggle, but without struggle no spiritual progress can be achieved.

Listening to the voice within is extremely important and soon earns the human being's soul a state of maturity, for it is the divine voice which sounds in the human being, which only needs to be heeded but then also brings certain success. Yet at present this inner voice is paid little attention to, it is drowned out by the voice of the world, for this audibly reaches the human being's ear, but the inner voice sounds so softly that it has to be heeded, that everything external has to fall silent if its sound is to be heard.

Yet the voice of God only sounds to those who want to hear it, the voice of God will never sound loud and audible to the world but only quietly and subtly in the heart, and thus anyone who wants to hear it must withdraw into his innermost being and now pay attention to what God wants to say to him. Listening within is the only thing God requires of people in order to give them information.

Very often the human being is inclined to pay attention to the voice of the world, and if God did not want to take the path to the human being again and again, the voice of the world would soon drown out the inner voice, and the shaping of the soul would then be called into question. For it is an essential part of the soul's further development that the human being makes contact with spiritual strength as far as possible, since the inner voice is likewise the effect of spiritual forces on the human being, and that these, if they express themselves, must also be heard, otherwise their strength will remain ineffective.

God's love is constantly intent on making the human being's earthly path as easy as possible; if the human being makes use of the aids which are abundantly offered to him by God, it will not cost him a great struggle to ascend. For as long as the human being is willing, God is also willing to provide him with every assistance in order to make his time on earth a time full of blessings if the human being gratefully accepts God's help and respects what God wants to tell him ....



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