Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2076 18.9.1941

Self-conquest ....
Edification of the being ....

Without self-conquest the human being cannot ascend, for only the human being who overcomes himself, who constantly fights against the ignoble in his nature, will shape himself in such a way that he can approach the eternal Deity and become partaker of Your love and grace.

He has to carry out the changes in his nature himself, he has to work on himself and thus take care of the re-shaping of his soul, only then will the spirit from God be able to unite with the soul. But once this moment has occurred, that the unification of soul and spirit has taken place, then the working of the spirit is also clearly recognisable ..... Then the spirit in the human being impels him to active activity for God ....

The human being's striving is now constantly directed towards the spiritual kingdom, whereas earthly life has lost its attraction for him. Although he still carries out earthly activities, his creative urge is nevertheless directed towards the expansion of God's kingdom on earth, and only his activity for this kingdom gives him inner satisfaction.

Spiritual work has now become his purpose in life, and he now also recognises the necessity of it for his fellow human beings. What he has recognised as a treasure he now also tries to impart to his fellow human beings, and this undertaking requires perseverance and resilience and can therefore only be carried out by a person who is serious about serving God, who recognises his fellow human beings' hardship, who knows about their great distance from God and wants to remedy this state.

And his willingness to serve is accepted by God, it testifies to love for God and for fellow human beings. However, it will only be successful when the spirit of God works in the human being, for only then will he be able to help his fellow human being in an enlightening way, otherwise he will not be able to give anything that will benefit him. For again only truth will be beneficial to him, and therefore the person who wants to give must be in knowledge.

But this knowledge is imparted to him by the spirit out of God, so that he can now pass it on to those who want to receive it. Only then will they likewise begin to shape themselves according to God's will, to change their nature and make themselves receptive for the spirit from God. For every higher development must be preceded by the transformation of the innermost being, without which a maturing of the soul is not possible. ....



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