Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2078 19.9.1941

Theory of Inheritance ....

The so-called theory of heredity is also capable of misguiding people's thinking. For people always assume that they want to find a purely earthly explanation for the different developments, both in a purely physical and in a character-related way.

It is true that the structure of the body, i.e. the purely material external form, can be scientifically researched, and this research will only ever lead to clarifications of the material composition of matter, but it will never be possible to relate character traits or mental formation to the results, for these are not dependent on matter, thus a certain spiritual development can never be the consequence of a certain material composition.

The material composition is completely irrelevant for the spiritual higher development, therefore the knowledge about it is also a so-called dead science which remains without any spiritual value and only extraordinarily occupies people's thinking. A lawfulness will be observed in all created things; this lawfulness will also be ascertained in the human body, but the knowledge of it should only lead to the recognition of the eternal Deity, Who is exceedingly wise and omnipotent. Then this knowledge will be a blessing for humanity.

However, as soon as the purely material composition of God's creations is used to infer the being .... , the thinking, feeling and will of a living being, as soon as characteristic features are considered to be the effect of certain material bonds .... , i.e. the combination of different earthly substances .... , then the human being's train of thought is misguided and such research is not only worthless but misleading, thus reprehensible.

The human being's physical constitution has no influence on the soul's formation, thus a high spiritual maturity will not be the result of the union of two people who are recognised as physically flawless, but spiritual maturity can just as easily and often even more easily be achieved by a weak body which does not meet the theoreticians' requirements. Something purely external can indeed be inherited, which can be explained by the regularity of creation, but this is irrelevant for the spiritual formation, and thus such research is of no value whatsoever. ....



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