Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2079 19.9.1941

Prayer Bridge the Gap to God ....

An insurmountable gulf means the distance from God for the human being if he does not make use of the grace of prayer, for he will eternally not come close to God ..... Prayer first testifies to the human being's will to approach God and increases the supply of strength the human being needs in order to be able to carry out his will.

But a person who never seeks contact with God in prayer will never be able to receive grace and will therefore be powerless. Prayer is the bridge that leads across the gulf to God. Whoever does not believe he needs this bridge will find no other passage ....

God's infinite love has given this possibility to the human being; thus the gulf is no longer insurmountable for the one who uses this bridge, who thus seeks a path to God and takes it ..... And it should be used without interruption, for it leads directly to God. The human being can speak to God, Who is beyond this gulf, and he will be heard by Him .... God will not let any supplicant go unheard who has made the effort to appeal to God Himself for His support .....

Prayer is only the form of expression of the will turned towards God, for anyone who still opposes God does not take refuge in Him in prayer, for he does not acknowledge any power over himself. Therefore, the concern about such people is justified that they will never find their way to God if they are not able to pray intimately .... .

They burn all bridges behind them as soon as they feel too exalted to send a silent prayer upwards. They cannot be offered help in any way; neither grace, nor truth, nor strength can be imparted to them, for prayer is the first thing needed for everything .... Grace cannot be given to the human being without being asked and therefore no strength can be imparted either .....

But neither can the truth be offered to him, since the truth is God Himself again but God is not recognised as the giver of truth ...., for a giving Being is asked for the granting of His gifts. Thus prayer can never ever be eliminated, and it is the most precious gift of grace which God has placed at every person's disposal .... Every person can make use of prayer, yet God must be acknowledged and union with Him must be striven for, then the gulf will be overcome, it will be made passable and the human being will be granted access to God as soon as he prays sincerely ....



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