Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2085 24.9.1941

Spiritual Communion ....

There is no more significant process than the human being's spiritual union with God, and the human being will derive the greatest benefit for his soul from this union; thus this process is, as it were, necessary for the shaping of the soul according to divine will. The human being consciously unites with God, i.e., he strives for God's presence and fulfils the conditions which are necessary for God to approach the human being .....

Then the union with God has to take place and thus the spiritual communion. The eternal Deity Itself takes abode in the heart of the human being who longs for this communion ..... But what does it mean to fulfil the prerequisites for intimate union with God? .... Only one thing can bring about the union with God .... love in the human being's heart. For love is the fundamental substance of the eternal Deity, and if a person's heart is filled with love, the same is in him which is the essence of the eternal Deity.

People who are far from love are also far from God, because love and God are the same. But in order to let people become love, i.e., in order to feel the divine feeling of love as a being distant from God, the human being's thinking has to be directed towards an object .... which is lovable and thus kindles the feeling of love in him. The eternal Deity has to bring Itself to the human being's awareness, It has to initiate him into the mystery of love, It has to make the knowledge of Its strength and power and of Its relationship to creation and the living creations accessible to the human being.

And this prompts God to reveal Himself to people in the Word ..... But now it is up to the human being to accept this Word, that is, to observe and obey it or to reject it. The Word, however, is the outwardly recognisable divine activity, it is God's power which has become form, it is outwardly perceptible and yet inwardly effective, it is the outwardly perceptible .... the flesh .... the inwardly effective, the blood .... which signifies true life ....

God constantly brings His Word close to people and wants to awaken love in people through the Word. He wants the human being to accept the Word and strive to live according to it. .... But to live accordingly means to give love to all creatures around him. He wants people to eat His flesh with a hungry heart .... that they eagerly accept the divine Word .... and have a fervent desire to fulfil the divine will .... that they drink the blood, the strength which flows to them, as soon as they hunger for the Word.

He wants to give them true life through His flesh and His blood .... For if they obey His Word they are active in love, and as soon as they give love they also receive love, for then the eternal Love Itself draws close to them and fills their hearts with Its presence .... And then the union takes place, the communion ....

"He who abides in love abides in Me and I in him ...." And whoever opens his heart when I desire entrance will be able to shelter Me in all fullness .... My spirit, My strength flows through him and he is intimately united with Me, so intimately that he can speak of My presence, that he has completely received Me within himself because he has fulfilled the requirements which earn him My presence .... Thus says the Lord and wants to truthfully enlighten people ....

how He wants His Word 'He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood ....' to be understood. He wants to point people to spiritual communion, which alone signifies union with God and which can never be replaced by an external act.

To give oneself to God in deepest love and to prove this love for God to Him through active neighbourly love will inevitably result in God's love for the human being, in a blissful union and in divine strength flowing through the human being. For love seeks union .... God's love and the human being's love push together.

Yet this process does not require external actions, for these only give rise to misconceptions insofar as the human being makes the personal presence of the highest Being, the eternal Deity, dependent on immensely misleading external actions which, however, can completely lack the inner spirit of love and then completely exclude the presence of the Lord.

God only sees the degree of love of the human heart, but not humanly added forms, which only have the effect that the form is respected more, and are often even carried out entirely without love, and the union with God, the communion, can then never take place.

Being united with the Lord is the most exquisite thing a person can achieve on earth, and truly, very few people strive for this ..... But people often think they are united with Him and are still very far away from Him because they still lack the love which alone brings about union with God.

However, anyone who offers his heart to God with heartfelt love, who is constantly active in love, will inevitably draw the eternal Deity to himself and be intimately united with Him through love, even if he ignores the external form of a spiritual bond .... For God looks at people's hearts and does not pay attention to the form ....



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