Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2087 27.9.1941

Divine grace is aid ....

The slightest resistance to divine grace results in its diminishing, for God's grace cannot be effective where it is rejected. Whoever desires to stand in divine grace has an inexhaustible measure. That is why prayer for God's grace is extremely successful, for it testifies to the will to receive divine grace, and this also means the giving of it.

In cases of deepest spiritual need God's grace is also brought to people who do not ask for it, for God's merciful love leans towards them and tries to make them receptive even against their will. Yet they cannot be forced to be receptive; however, divine help is sometimes so clearly evident that the human being feels touched by it and offers no resistance, and then grace begins to take effect .....

The human being feels it as a benefit and now desires it. Divine grace is help in every form .... The human being will be able to recognise it if he is willing; he will feel the influx of strength which expresses itself in increased willpower; he will become more capable of love; he will take notice of what previously seemed insignificant to him; he will make contact with people who can influence him favourably; he will desire light, spiritual food, and this will be brought to him.

All this is grace, an aid to the attainment of maturity of soul ..... But he must always let it become effective in him. The fact that God imparts it to him does not yet determine his willingness to receive it. Only the latter is decisive. However, the path upwards can never be travelled without divine grace, and therefore it is certainly true that the human being is unable to do anything without divine grace ..... Conversely, however, divine grace is also ineffective without the human being's will. And this will remains free to him.

The greatest and most obvious bestowal of grace will never have a determining effect on the human being's will, he has to decide for himself and can always accept or reject it. And it cannot be otherwise if an eternal law is not to be overturned.

God loves all His children and will also make everything available to them in order to guide them back to Himself again. But if He also wanted to determine the will then it would be easy for Him to put everything that exists into a state of maturity. But then these would be directed beings who exclude God-likeness, for free will belongs to perfection.

And therefore even God's grace, which means means of help to reach perfection, cannot eliminate free will. But the willing human being is allowed to make use of all aids and will thereby also easily reach ascent. Resistance against God's grace is also resistance against God Himself and willingness towards God's adversary.

And then the influx of divine grace cannot possibly influence him if his will is still turned towards it. Anyone who wants to receive from God must also be able to give ...., but anyone who surrenders his will to God will receive without measure and then also be able to shape himself according to God's will. For God loves all His children and wants to help them ascend, He wants to win them back and free them from the adversary's power ....



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