Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2089 29.9.1941

Knowledge and Truth ....

To stand in knowledge gives the human being complete security, and this is absolutely necessary in order to be able to stand up for what he spreads with conviction. It is a beautiful task to spread the truth among people; but it is also difficult and can only be fulfilled completely when the person himself no longer has any doubts. For many things will seem unacceptable to fellow human beings.

But nothing of what is offered to people as truth can be proven, therefore it can only be accepted by way of faith. But faith will understandably be awakened or strengthened when a strong faith (profound believer) stands up for what is commanded.

However, it will also be easy for the person who knows the truth to recognise it, for he will be taught by God's spirit which, apart from the truth, will also impart to him the strength of faith and the understanding .... and all doubt in the person will disappear, everything will be comprehensible to him, he will understand the context and what he himself recognises as truth he can now also pass on to his neighbour without inhibition.

He himself knows, and all objections of opponents of truth only testify to their ignorance. Faith would only be shaken if real knowledge were able to refute the truths received through the spirit ...., but this will never be possible, for God's spirit is constantly at work and the power of realisation as well as the imparted knowledge are constantly increasing.

There are things which human wisdom will never fathom, where no evidence to the contrary can be produced and both acceptance and rejection only depend on the human being's degree of knowledge .... However, the power of realisation is likewise something which is imparted to the human being by God, which the human being can call his own if he turns to God Himself.

Thus he, too, will be able to accept the truth and know that he has the right knowledge. The other, however, will certainly hold his opinion but never have the full inner conviction that what he holds is the right and only true one. The power of knowledge and truth are inseparable, and he who has the truth also knows that it is the truth. ....



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