Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2090 30.9.1941

Switching off earthly experience ....

The giving powers need undivided attention in order to be able to impart spiritual gifts to you, and therefore every earthly experience has to be switched off. The soul must detach itself from it and only turn its thinking towards the spiritual kingdom. Admittedly, all earthly events are also connected to a certain extent with the spiritual experience, insofar as they influence the human being to act and think and this again determines the work on the soul.

Then every earthly experience is also a blessing for the soul. However, people are usually only impressed by it in a purely earthly way and do not derive any spiritual benefit from it. The more advanced a person is, the less he is affected by external impressions and thus they are no longer decisive for his spiritual development.

And this is to be striven for .... A spiritually striving person should accept everything as a providence from above which only serves his benefit, even if it appears earthly different. The chaos of the present time can only be effectively intervened in by showing people the powerlessness of their will so that they realise how little influence they have on the shaping of their earthly life. They should recognise another will to which they must submit at all times; they should feel this will as a powerful force ....



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