Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2094 3.10.1941

Necessity of intervention from above ....
Disaster ....

The present spiritual state necessitates an intervention from above, and this is the only explanation for the fact that an unforeseen event will plunge the world into terror and turmoil. At a time when humanity only respects earthly life the adversary has it completely under his control, and this manifests itself in blatant unkindness, in offences against divine order and in an adversarial attitude towards the eternal Deity as well as spiritual striving.

And God foresaw this spiritual state of humanity, and He has pointed out at all times that He will reveal Himself in an extraordinary natural event which, purely outwardly seen, is a catastrophic work of destruction but can nevertheless also bring salvation to countless souls who are in danger of losing themselves to the powers of the underworld.

Man is currently abusing his free will in such an obvious way that God wants to warn him to continue on the chosen path. He makes him aware of the decrepitude of that which alone seems desirable to him. And He seeks to direct his thinking to other, more enduring things. Life will approach people in a form that seems almost unbearable to them. But this is the only possibility of help, which at the same time also gives the beingness, which is still banished in the solid form, the possibility to become free and to start its course of development on earth in another form.

Man, as the most highly developed creature, will feel this work of destruction as cruelty, but the still immature beingness welcomes it as an act of becoming free from agonising enclosure. The enlightened human being knows about the correlation of things, he knows about the necessity of such an intervention on the part of the Deity, and thus it is also understandable to him that only divine love expresses itself, even though nameless misery befalls humanity as a result. For there is no other way to save it from ruin.

The physical death of the body can still be an awakening to eternal life, but physical life on earth in peace and contentment can result in spiritual death. And people on earth cannot grasp what this means, and if they knew then they would be justified in using any means to save themselves from eternal ruin.

But ignorance can only be banished if people willingly open their eyes and ears when God reveals the truth to them through human mouths ...., yet in their blindness they prevent all spiritual activity and thereby block their own path to truth and knowledge. And there is spiritual darkness on earth which, in turn, requires a ray of lightning to illuminate people, that light be kindled so that those who are willing may find the right path ....

For these God first lets the Word come to earth which makes them aware of God's will and the coming time. For God proclaims it to people beforehand so that they will not be unprepared for the day which has been determined since eternity ....



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