Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2096 4.10.1941

Mission ....
Steaders for the Kingdom of God ....
Earthly Measures ....

It is an extraordinary mission to be fulfilled by the human being whom God has chosen for this purpose. The spiritual hardship of the time requires people who are actively working for the kingdom of God; it requires people who establish the connection from earth to the spiritual kingdom .... and who declare themselves willing to work as mediators between God and people of knowledge, i.e., to whom the knowledge of truth can be imparted. For in order to reduce the hardship of the time, the truth must first be spread amongst people.

And this is a task which requires great love and strong faith, for the human being must withstand the world's harshest hostility, he must not waver or slacken if his mission is to be successful. He must be prepared to lay down his life for the truth at any time, he must not fear earthly power just as he must not respect the suffering of the body. His faith must always be stronger and overcome everything.

This mission can only be accomplished if the human being is in most intimate contact with God, if he constantly receives strength from God through this connection. For God alone is his strength, his might and his power through which he can accomplish everything he wants.

Wanting to instruct people in truth is a beginning which requires great perseverance and patience, for the often stubborn resistance has to be broken, which is understandable since spiritual darkness makes people unable and unwilling to accept the truth. Time and again the human being must try to bring light into the spiritual night of his fellow human beings. He must be a good example to people through his own way of life and its effects, time and again he must try to influence those people with love who lack understanding, and he must not anxiously consider the consequences which could result from his earthly actions .....

The spiritual hardship of the time requires active help and courageous fighters for the kingdom of God. And people will be anxious about the measures which will be imposed on God-serving people. They will willingly bow to the demands of those who enact such measures, and therefore the battle must be doubly eagerly waged by those who offer themselves to God for service.

Visible support will not fail to increase and strengthen the strength and courage to carry out the mission assigned to them. For it is about more than earthly life, which is over after a short time .... it is about eternal life, which every human being has already shaped for himself on earth .....

However, the knowledge of the torments on the one hand and the inconceivable happiness on the other should determine the person called to take the most severe suffering upon himself in order to spare his fellow human beings this and to help them attain eternal glory. And he should fulfil his mission with complete dedication .... because God Himself is always at his side ....



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