Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2101 7.10.1941

Graces of the work of redemption ....

These are the blessings of the act of Salvation which Jesus Christ acquired for people, that they are able to overcome their weakness of will, that they are no longer unable to resist the enemy of their soul, that strength and grace flow to them unmeasured if they desire it, and that the slightest will towards God also lets them feel this strength from God and this is expressed in increased spiritual striving.

Humanity's state before the redemption through Jesus Christ was pitiful .... it lacked all will to ascend, for people lacked faith in a continuation of life after death and only strived for earthly advantages and physical comfort.

They certainly believed in a God Who was able to shape their earthly life according to His will, and thus their prayers were only directed towards improving their earthly existence. No attention was paid to the soul and its shaping, and this resulted in a worldly-minded humanity to which spiritual striving was alien.

This was the work of the adversary who still had too much control over people's will but who also drove them to unkindness towards each other. For the sake of earthly well-being people were willing to use any means and their thoughts and aspirations were evil and unkind. And during this time the Lord descended to earth .... During this time the man Jesus lived, in Whose heart the desire for God was exceedingly great and Whose goal in life was union with God ....

Union with God was only possible in heartfelt love, and Jesus gave love to all people, He was inexhaustible in His love and accepted eternal love within Himself. Jesus saw people's weakness and that they lacked the will to do good. .... He knew that only love could bring them salvation and He preached love to all people in order to snatch them from the adversary's power. (However, the will of the adversary was stronger and so He repeatedly forced the human will down).

By completely subordinating His will to God's will, by praying 'Father, not My will but Yours be done ....', Jesus Christ made God's will His own, He surrendered His will to God and took the adversary's power over His will, and thus He broke the adversary's will through His death on the cross and likewise wrestled humanity, for which He died, from the adversary's will, for the man Jesus suffered death on the cross in order to thereby release people from their tormentor.

And God accepted the sacrifice, and He gives increased strength to every person who wants to avail himself of the blessings of the act of Salvation and likewise surrenders his will to God ..... For anyone who follows Jesus will also have the desire to escape the one who wants to bind him. But if he does not acknowledge Jesus Christ he belongs to those who are still bound by the will of God's adversary.

He still has power over them and their own will is not strong enough to escape this power. He will always bend under his will and can therefore never become free. Jesus made the sacrifice for the people who were too weak on their own .... He opposed the will of the enemy with His strong will and the adversary could not withstand this will. For Jesus made use of the strength from God which flowed to Him through the intimate connection with God.

And anyone who acknowledges Jesus Christ as the divine Redeemer will likewise be able to make use of God's strength, for this is the grace of the act of Salvation, that the human being's will becomes strong in order to be able to resist ...., that the human being receives the strength he needs for his ascent. Jesus Christ showed people the path that leads upwards.

This, too, is a grace that the human being can take Him as an example so that he lives his life on earth according to His example .... in love and righteousness .... And anyone who is serious about following Jesus, who strives to shape his soul according to His example, who is constantly active in love, who patiently takes up his cross and only ever prays: 'Father, Your will be done ....', will be strong and live a righteous life on earth. His will will be strong and will escape from the enemy of his soul.

For by acknowledging Jesus as God's Son and Redeemer of the world, he has a right to the graces he has acquired from Him. The path upwards will become easy for him, he will never need to walk it without guidance, for the image of the Saviour on the cross will always shine for him, and he knows that Jesus Christ died for him and that he was spared immeasurable torment as a result. He knows that nothing will be too difficult for him because Jesus imparted strength to him through His death on the cross.

He knows that his will will not waver if he appeals to Him for mercy, and he knows that the adversary's power has diminished, that he can overcome him if he wants to, because he receives strength through his will.

If this will is turned towards God, God's love takes hold of him and completely liberates him from the adversary's power. Previously, however, the human being's will was so weak that he was not freed from this power. And this weakness of will took pity on the human being Jesus ..... He opposed God's adversary with His strong will and defeated him. And anyone who acknowledges Jesus Christ will also defeat him because he consciously makes use of the grace of the act of Salvation ....



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