Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2102 8.10.1941

Strength and Power of Love ....
Fullness ....

Love is the greatest miracle .... it is strength and effect at the same time .... it is a power which dominates everything and which serves at the same time .... it is the antithesis of hatred and unkindness, just as God as love Himself is the antithesis of the one who carries hatred within himself against Him. Love is the origin of all life, and there is nothing that love has not brought forth.

Even God's opposite pole was created out of divine love, yet as a supremely perfect being which allowed itself to become imperfect through its will. Since God is eternal love, everything that comes forth from Him must also be good, because love can never give birth to anything bad. Thus everything good came forth from God.

But love also let nothing unfree come into being, because unfree is something imperfect and can therefore never be of divine origin. Where God's love is active, only the most perfect comes forth. But what is imperfect does not have love as its origin, or it has been pushed into a degree of imperfection through lack of love.

Thus the degree of love determines the degree of perfection, i.e. the lack of love will always result in imperfection .... be it on earth or in the beyond, the law of love remains irrevocable everywhere, all creations are subject to it. The state of the being depends on this law as well, and life or death is also conditional on the degree of love.

Love should be inherent in everything that has emerged from eternal love, then it will rule and serve at the same time, it will be able to create and shape again by virtue of its love and find unimaginable happiness in it ..... But as soon as unkindness and hatred displace love, something imperfect emerges from the will of the creator which is neither happiness-giving nor happiness-triggering. And it will be of an arrogant spirit, it will again carry hatred and unkindness within itself.

But love is power and its effect inconceivable. It takes up the fight with unkindness, it gives incessantly and thus seeks to win over what is in itself unkind, it seeks to transform it into love and to lead it back to the state of perfection. It does not sit idly by and watch the destructive effects of unkindness, but it uses its strength against it and builds on ..... And love is the strongest power .... it overcomes everything and ultimately also leads what has arisen from unkindness back to love, i.e. to God ....



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