Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2108 11.10.1941

Mediator between God and man ....
Willingness - Grace ....

The willingness to serve God will inevitably also result in God's grace, for God wants to use this willingness for people's blessing, and therefore He will also endow the one who wants to serve Him with all gifts which enable him for his task.

If help is to be brought to people it is only possible through a human being again, for extraterrestrial forces cannot obviously make themselves felt because then the freedom of faith would be affected. But they nevertheless work, only in a way which does not force people to believe, and for this they make use of a willing person who believes.

This person already receives grace insofar as spiritual nourishment flows to him, which the spiritual beings constantly offer him on God's behalf. This is an unusual grace which imparts strength of faith to him and makes him striving and knowing. The human being now establishes an ever more intimate connection with God and constantly draws from His source of love. For he is granted enlightenment where he desires it.

He learns to recognise and thereby love God ever more, and love for God expresses itself in active neighbourly love, and thus the nature of the one who offers himself to God for service also ennobles himself, for he will always endeavour to do what is pleasing to God and work on himself in order to become worthy of God's love and grace. Wanting to serve God is already an activity of the will in the right way, and God will never let this person fall.

The will towards God is enough that God accepts the human being with love and care and constantly imparts His strength and grace to him, for the human being lives his earthly life for this purpose and passes the test if he desires God, if he acknowledges Him and declares his willingness to serve Him. He now only has to be strengthened in his strength of will and therefore seemingly has hours where he feels unthinking of divine grace.

But in order to be able to fulfil his task he must stand so strong in faith and have an exceptionally strong will, otherwise he would not be able to overcome the many resistances which arise for a person who wants to serve God. Therefore he must also fight beforehand so that his faith and his will will grow stronger. He must implore divine grace, he must always establish contact with God, for only then can he mature for his task, the fulfilment of which is so extremely necessary but also beneficial for humanity.

God assigns the task to the human being which he can accomplish, and the greater the willingness He finds in an earthly child, the greater the tasks He can set him. He can use it as His instrument through which He can express Himself, yet in a way which appears natural to people. He will accomplish things through His instruments which make it easy for people to believe if only they are willing.

And because God needs mediators between Himself and people, He will also bestow exceptional grace on anyone who offers himself to Him as a mediator .... God blesses his will and lets him become a bearer of blessings for humanity .....



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