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BD 2111 12.u.13.10.1941

Origin of thought in the heart of man ....

Every thought arises from the depth of the heart and only then takes its way into the organs intended for it, by which it is felt and expressed as a thought. For before the thought comes to the human being's consciousness, it must be born in the heart, i.e. in the innermost part of the human being.

What moves him deeply he feels in his heart, and this feeling gives rise to the thought, which, though not perceptible with the heart, is nevertheless born out of the life of feeling and is only now passed on to the brain, which receives the thought and holds it, as it were, until it comes to man's consciousness.

The human being believes that the thought originates in the brain, that it arises there through organic activity .... because he knows nothing of the essence of the thought. And therefore the explanation that the thought has its origin in the heart will not be credible to him. But it will become more understandable to him if he regards the heart as the centre of his feeling .... if he also endeavours to regard the thought as a feeling.

But the simplest solution is that spiritual currents pour into a receptacle in a flash and are held by the human being's will ..... Thus the thought is spiritual strength which is diverted via the path of the heart to the brain, held there or, where the will is too weak, immediately dropped again without having penetrated the human being's consciousness.

And it always depends on the will whether a thought is seized by the organs intended for it, for as soon as the human being wants it, they first start to function and receive the thought rising from the heart and process it, i.e., it is added to the already existing thoughts, thus it is, as it were, classified into already existing thought material and can now be switched off or on at will, according to the human being's will. For the thinking organs of the human being are constructed in such a way that every feeling of the heart is reflected like an image. ....

(13.10.1941) And as soon as the image is respected by the human being's will it will be retained, i.e., it will be imprinted into the finest retinas specifically designed for this purpose and thus will be visible to the human being at all times, thus he will be able to imagine it if he wants to .... This is the so-called memory.

When impressions or images are brought back to the person's consciousness a long time later, then the thinking organs are active .... They find out from the innumerable retinas covered with images what the human will would like to imagine, and thus long-past impressions, which first moved the human heart before they were formed into thoughts, can be brought to mind at any time, because once they have been taken in by the human will they remain as an impression until innumerable impressions make the images unclear .... thus the faculty of memory becomes so weak that they no longer come clearly to consciousness.

Spiritual impressions will now displace earthly impressions and images .... If, therefore, the heart is receptive to currents of strength from the spiritual kingdom, the human will is also ready to convey and hold on to the now born thoughts in the brain. For it feels the flow of power beneficially, and its endeavour is to quite often and clearly behold the images that have arisen through it. Consequently these images will become particularly sharply engraved, so that they soon fill the whole of the human being's thinking.

Power and thought is thus one concept, only that it differs whether only the life-force flowing to the human being or the power imparted from the spiritual kingdom is the origin of the thought ..... However, the thought is always born in the heart, for all strength first flows to the heart and is passed on from there.

However, human will can prevent the transmission to the brain or push the thought back before it could express itself pictorially .... And therefore the human being is also responsible for his thoughts, for his will determines which thoughts are clearly imprinted, and his will determines which thoughts are repeatedly brought to consciousness ....



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