Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2114 14.10.1941

Prayer in Jesus' Name ....
Strong Faith ....
Doubt ....

Faith moves mountains .... and if you faithfully speak Jesus' name, you will receive everything you ask for. "If you ask the Father in My name, He will give it to you ....." However, you must have profound unshakeable faith in His love and omnipotence, for only your faith makes the prayer effective. Prayer without faith is only a form, only faith enlivens prayer, and the answer to prayer also depends on faith.

And if you sincerely pray that the Father in heaven will send you His spirit so that you will hear His Word, the spirit of God will descend upon you. But it depends on the strength of faith how you hear His divine voice. He will speak audibly to you when you no longer have any doubts within yourselves. Your faith has to be so strong that you will not doubt for a second that God will grant your request, then nothing will be impossible anymore, for whatever God wants will happen, and if you believe there is nothing more God cannot accomplish.

Jesus possessed this strong faith and wanted to transfer it to all people, and thus He gave them the promise that every request will be granted to them if they ask the Father for it in His name. And only faith in this promise is required of people. They don't know what an assurance Jesus Christ has given them .... they don't know how easy it is for them to obtain everything from God if only they firmly believe.

Jesus Christ offered Himself as intercessor with the Father, i.e. Jesus, the man, was so strong in faith that there was no unfulfilled request for Him by virtue of this faith. And since He knew that people's faith was still weak they should make use of His strength of faith and appeal to the Father in His name .....

The spirit from God can only work where firm faith is a prerequisite .... Unsteady faith makes the effect weak, and the human being himself always determines the clarity with which the transmissions from the spiritual kingdom reach him through the strength of his faith. An undoubted faith will let the words sound clearly and audibly in the heart, but as long as it is still subject to fluctuations the transmission will also be more difficult on the part of the transmitting beings. And therefore you must strive for strong faith and pray that God will strengthen it, for you can accomplish everything if you let go of all doubts ....



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