Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2118 16.10.1941

Life Force ....
Free Will ....
Spiritual Power requirement ....

God does not withhold the vitality from any human being, even though it is not always used according to His will, yet since God has given the human being free will for the time on earth He must also grant him the strength to use this will in every direction. Then He will not prevent him from carrying out God-opposing plans by withdrawing His strength but He will also let the flow of life flow to him for this purpose, otherwise free will would be completely pointless.

It is just that the human being who receives this flow of life and does not use it for spiritual striving wastes something precious, that he could achieve wonderful successes with this flow of strength which will last for eternity, and instead he uses it for a completely insignificant physical life which remains worthless without spiritual striving, no matter how brightly it appears on the outside.

The human being who uses his vitality to seek contact with spiritual strength will understandably be able to achieve extraordinary things, for vitality already enables the human being to achieve extraordinary things on earth, how much more so if the human being, in addition to this vitality, also makes use of the strength of spiritual friends in the beyond.

This strength is indeed also available to all people but can only be acquired through conscious request, whereas the vitality also comes to the person who has little or no connection with the spiritual world. And every gift can be used according to free will. But the vitality will be taken from him when the human being has completed his predetermined life on earth.

Then he can stand empty and ignorant at the gate to eternity, for he has disregarded a grace .... he did not request the strength from God in order to be able to use his will correctly, for the spiritual strength was also at his disposal but he was content with the vitality and did not use it correctly either.

And this is synonymous with regression, for he is still on the same level as before his embodiment on earth. He accepted a gift from God without using it, for he was supposed to work with this gift, but he only used it for the comfort of the body. God does not take the strength away from him for the duration of his life, but how he should use it is not prescribed for him; one day, however, he will have to answer for not having respected the divine gift. ....



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