Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2120 17.10.1941

Word of God Food of Heaven ....
Rejecting the People ....

People carelessly pass by the most precious things that are offered to them. They do not feel the breath of God which touches them, they feel nothing of His strength, and thus they also pay no attention to what His love offers them. They feel neither hunger nor thirst for spiritual nourishment, and therefore they don't desire the food of heaven.

And divine love repeatedly offers them His Word because they bitterly need it. For anyone who does not know the Word of God, who does not hear it, knows nothing of God's love, of His will and of His promises .... and he walks along completely ignorant. For this reason God repeatedly brings His Word close to people because He wants them to learn to recognise Him.

And time and again His love is concerned for people, for they are His children who are in great need if they don't recognise and love Him ..... He wants to convey His love to them and can only do so if they are lovingly active themselves .... He wants to teach them love but they do not accept teachings .... He wants to awaken their spirit, He wants to point them to eternity ....

He wants to present their sinfulness to them and point them to the act of Salvation, to His death on the cross. He wants to inform them of the meaning and purpose of earthly life, and therefore people need His Word which they should hear, accept and obey ..... Yet humanity rejects it.

The most precious gift is offered to it but it is not recognised as a divine gift. People carelessly let it slip past their ears, they pass it by with a smile if it is mentioned. And thus it cannot take effect on them, they cannot test the strength which the pure Word of God emanates to those people who longingly and hungrily desire it.

And the attention of God is becoming ever more urgent if the lack of strength amongst humanity is not to increase constantly. And that is why God now expresses Himself so obviously that people who receive knowledge of it should pay attention. And the signs and miracles will increase, for God wants to make Himself known to people because they no longer recognise Him ..... He approaches them with love and wants to awaken love, He wants to make people knowledgeable and therefore lets a little light flare up which shines so brightly that it spreads a bright glow ....

And every person is free to make use of the light .... Yet anyone who shuns it, who avoids its ray of light, must continue to walk his path in darkness, for he rejects divine love which wants to help him in his adversity .... For God certainly offers His love to everyone, yet this love remains ineffective if the human being resists and ignores God's love. His spiritual adversity cannot be remedied and he continues to languish in dark spiritual night ....



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