Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2121 18.10.1941

Men's Incarnation of Christ ....

The most formidable and seemingly insoluble problem is the Incarnation of Christ. People who have no faith, thus do not strive spiritually either, will not deal with this problem. It does not affect them because they do not recognise Christ and His work of redemption.

The fact that God Himself descended to humanity seems incomprehensible and impossible to them because they have not yet penetrated the essence of the eternal Deity due to their lack of faith. The problem cannot even be approximately explained to these people, for spiritual research is necessary in order to grasp spiritual things, and only one spiritual explanation can make the other understandable .....

The human being as such is a creature which only lives on earth, it is spiritual in an external form, it is a being which embodied itself in a cover which was shaped by God's will into precisely that human form. God's will therefore let the external form come into being again through processes which are based on divine natural law. People act as God wills in order to let a new external form arise, and God enlivens this external form with the essence, with the soul, and only now is the human being a living creature.

The human being's soul again harbours a spark of the divine spirit of love within itself which, however, cannot express itself in every human being if the soul of the latter does not bring it to awakening. For the spirit rests inactive in the human being as long as the soul lets it slumber ..... It can only awaken when the soul is lovingly active. But once the spiritual spark in the human being has awakened, it constantly pushes towards the spirit from which it originates .... it demands to return to the spiritual kingdom .... to God, for it is strength, it is spirit from the spirit of God ....

However, as long as he still has to stay in the human shell he seeks to unite with the spiritual beyond himself and to increase himself by constantly absorbing spiritual substances into himself and thereby increasing the influx of divine emanation of love. But this is only possible when the soul has decided to be active in love, for love gives the spirit freedom and it then uses this to unite with spiritual strength.

Spiritual strength, however, is God; thus the external form, the human body, can become the abode of divine strength to an inconceivable extent if its soul has shaped itself into love and thereby supports the working of the spirit. He can receive God within himself, thus be completely permeated by God's spirit, and this is the highest thing a human being can achieve on earth by virtue of his will. The human being Jesus possessed such a powerful will ....

His strength of will and His greater than great love united and thus His soul released the spirit within Himself. Jesus, the man, only did what love commanded Him to do and He resisted all unkindness. Consequently, the divine spiritual spark was stirred within Him and He united with the spirit outside Himself .... The divine flow of love unstoppably flowed towards Him, the strength from God .... His spirit .... filled Him and since His life was an uninterrupted activity of love, He united Himself ever more intimately with God, Who is present in every work of love.

Divine working of the spirit was His wisdom and His power, which were expressed in His teaching and the miracles He worked. The Spirit of God, which was in Him in all fullness, guided all His steps, His deeds and His words ..... Jesus was the human being who became love .... But love is God .... Thus the man Jesus had become perfect, just as His Father in heaven is perfect.

The external form had become the receptacle of divine love itself; the spiritual spark had flared up into a flame which could no longer go out. And now the activity of Jesus, the human being, could only be everlasting love, for a human being who is in intimate union (with God) with divine love Itself constantly receives love and gives love .....

Jesus was human and contained the eternal Deity in His human body .... Or God embodied Himself in a human being .... He descended to earth and chose an external form which willingly accepted the spirit of love within itself, i.e. which awakened the divine spiritual spark through love and thus granted God, as Love Itself, entrance.

And God has known since eternity about this human being's strong will and overwhelming love, and this motivated Him to choose him as Saviour for people, for the act of Salvation had to be accomplished by a human being whose love took all suffering upon itself, a human being who had shaped himself into perfection through his great love, who was God and human being in one ....

The human being Jesus endured the suffering and agony of the death on the cross for humanity .... But God embodied Himself in this human being .... the (eternal) divine love filled Him and took abode in Him in order to work through Him for the whole of humanity ....



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