Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2122 19.10.1941

"Receive and eat ....
Do this in remembrance of Me. Memory ...."

The consciousness of being in the right knowledge also gives the human being the right to pass on what he recognises as truth to his fellow human beings. He must therefore never anxiously ask whether and to what extent this truth is desired. He must try to impart it to his fellow man, and only stubborn rejection releases him from the duty of passing on that which makes him happy himself. It is a time of struggle, and only he who does not fear the struggle will be victorious, where it is a matter of fighting for God and the truth.

Since people have little desire for truth, the truth cannot reach them directly, however, through intermediaries it is possible to awaken the desire for truth in them by offering it to them for acceptance. If a person rejects it, then it is his free will which cannot be forced, but his will can also decide to accept. Therefore the attempt to guide ignorant people into knowledge must be made without hesitation. And this is the task of the one who wants to serve God .....

As soon as he submits his will to God he no longer does anything at his own discretion but is guided and directed according to God's will. And thus he does not need to timidly dispense with his assignment, for since he serves he is relieved of all responsibility .... "Take and eat, this is My flesh .... Take and drink, this is My blood .... Do this in remembrance of Me ...." thus says the Lord, and His word shall be obeyed for ever and ever.

His will is that people always think of Him when they eat bodily food. He blessed the bread and the wine beforehand, and so people should do the same ..... They should invoke God's blessing on everything they eat so that the food will give them physical and spiritual strength .... and He wants them to do the same because then their own will will become active, because they will then desire God's blessing if they invoke it on their own initiative ....

Thus anyone who eats the bread and drinks the wine and at the same time remembers the Lord that He may bless the food takes spiritual strength into himself at the same time as the bodily nourishment, and now he eats the Lord's flesh and drinks His blood. .... For if spiritual strength flows to his soul, it will crave spiritual nourishment .... And spiritual nourishment is God's Word ....

Therefore, anyone who eats the food of the flesh in the right way, i.e. in intimate remembrance of the Lord, will hunger for the food of heaven, which is strength and spiritual nourishment for his soul. For if a person's thoughts are with God he cannot but also desire His divine Word, for the intimate bond with God is speech and speechlessness ..... It is question and answer .....

And the hungry child gratefully accepts the food which the Father offers it in His love .... His flesh and His blood .... spiritual nourishment which strengthens the human being and gives him strength for his upward striving. The words 'Do this in remembrance of Me' therefore apply to the blessing of that which serves as physical nourishment for the human being.

Everything a person consumes can only serve the body if it is enjoyed without remembering the giver ..... However, it can also provide the soul with strength in addition to the body, but then every food must be blessed by God, and this blessing must be requested through heartfelt remembrance .... For anyone who thinks of God will also desire Him, and his thoughts will be a silent prayer, a desire for His love and the granting of His grace ....

A heartfelt thought of God includes all these requests, for a heartfelt thought testifies to love and thus the desire for union, and God only wants this love of the human being .... He wants them to think of Him constantly. Therefore He demands an action in His memory .... He requires the human being to let all bodily nourishment become nourishment for the soul at the same time by asking the Lord for His blessing.

If he eats bodily food without remembering the Lord, he eats bread and wine .... but if he asks for His blessing in heartfelt remembrance of Him, he eats His flesh and drinks His blood, for spiritual nourishment now flows to him ..... These words have also been misunderstood, and a proper explanation is not accepted.

Human wisdom and human will let earthly actions emerge from these words, and they did not recognise the true meaning. Consequently, the desire for truth is also only weak, because spiritual nourishment can only be offered where truth is desired. People are starving, and only because they think too little of the Lord and because they only give all nourishment to the body but the soul in the human being goes empty-handed .... thus the soul does not feel spiritual hunger either in order to request spiritual nourishment.

When you eat and drink, you should always remember that the Lord blessed every food before He gave it to the disciples and spoke the words: "Do this in remembrance of Me ....".



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