Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2130 27.10.1941

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Imperishability of God's teaching ....

As long as the human being knows nothing about the meaning and purpose of embodiment on earth, the thought of a continuation of life after death will also be unacceptable to him, for then he will regard earthly life as an end in itself, and from this point of view he will now also adjust himself to his earthly task, i.e. he will attach too much importance to his earthly activity. Understandably, he then only has the goal of exhaustively evaluating his earthly existence because he does not think of an afterwards.

It will remain a mystery to these people that there is a path which leads into realisation, for they do not understand the simplest thing, that there is a connection between God and people and that this connection can always be established if the human will is willing to do so. They certainly recognise a Creator but as a completely distant Being, as a Power Which is undeniable but not accessible to the earthly human being and also not in connection with him, and consequently they also don't understand that this Creator can reveal Himself and that He does so in order to bring truth to people.

On the other hand, they accept everything as truth which is preached to them by ignorant people; they let a doctrine come into being themselves which is apparently intended to achieve the same and yet completely contradicts the divine teaching. They do not follow the commandments of love, even though they want to appear as if love for humanity were the driving force to introduce a new order.

But that which is not of God will collapse and that which has its origin in God will remain. And thus, no matter how wise people may think they are, they will not let anything perfect come into being as long as they are not in contact with God Himself, as long as they are taught by God Himself and, with God's help, impart their teaching to their fellow human beings ..... Everything they pass on will not last; it will pass away as it came into being because it contradicts divine will. But the teaching which God Himself imparts to people will prevail, for it is truth and, because it is from God, also imperishable ....



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