Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2132 28.10.1941

Announcement of the coming event ....

A chain of unfortunate circumstances steers world events in a completely different direction, and this is intended by God, because what seems to be detrimental to one nation is beneficial to the soul of all humanity. People do not know how exceedingly wise the Creator of heaven and earth has decided His plan since eternity, how He in His wisdom arranges everything in such a way that it somehow serves the higher development of the souls.

And so an event is now also planned which will destroy human plans and cause great confusion among people. The hour when God Himself will intervene is drawing ever closer, and it will approach surprisingly quickly. Anyone who only pays attention to world events will only see the dreadful disaster but not its effect on people's souls.

And thus he will not want to recognise divine activity either, for it is incomprehensible to him that events which bring unspeakable suffering upon people are necessary for the transformation of thinking and the higher development of the soul. And this will cause him to dispute God's working, indeed, to completely reject an omnipotent Deity, but God will make Himself known ..... He will show Himself quite obviously, i.e. not to the human eye, yet the believer will feel Him often and draw new strength from the experience which is now about to happen to the world.

It will also be a salvation from earthly adversity for many people, and they will thankfully raise their hands to God and continue to entrust themselves to Him with faith and confidence. And God will not leave them in adversity .... But those people who are far from God and do not believe they need Him will have to suffer. For it is for their sake that these events occur, since without suffering they make no effort to come close to God.

Suffering will be those people who no longer carry God in their hearts but only speak His name but completely resist Him in their actions and thoughts. God will reveal Himself to them through the coming event, painfully but nevertheless based on His love which does not want to let any person perish and therefore grants them help in every way.

However, the majority of humanity will not recognise God's help but only see the magnitude of the adversity and thus not derive any benefit from this event either if they were not informed of the prediction beforehand and now recognise the truth of what was proclaimed .....

The willing person will come to believe, yet far more people will only see in that event a proof that there is no connection between the Creator and the creations, and they will completely free themselves and give up all faith for it, for they only possessed a sham faith without inwardness, and this will fall victim to the coming event ....



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