Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2134 30.10.1941

Desire for God ....
Willpower ....
Power current ....

Every attempt at an approach to God will be blessed by Him by the desire for it becoming ever stronger and this will also guarantee fulfilment. Life will be a constant struggle, for the human being shall test his strength through resistance, and thus the desire will also often diminish in a willing person so that the human being will try to overcome this state through increased willpower. For only then will he be able to stand up for Him as Christ's fighter on earth. For this battle requires greatest willpower, patience and perseverance. He must have overcome himself before he can serve God as an overcomer of his fellow human beings.

But once the human being stands in desire for God, then he is also devoted to Him and makes an effort to do what is pleasing to God. And good will is acknowledged by Him and strengthened, only he has to be active anew time and again, and thus patience is exercised at the same time if he does not become discouraged but keeps seeking contact with God, even though it is difficult for him.

Man's struggle is evaluated by God. The more resistance, the more meritorious it is for him, if he finds the connection with Him and obviously receives His grace. God wants to be longed for, He wants to be requested because this testifies to love for Him, and only love for Him earns the fellow human being reciprocal love which expresses itself in the form of influx of strength. And this is why the earthly child should struggle without ceasing so that it can receive this most precious gift, the flow of strength from God. For this flow of strength leads the being ever closer to God. Whoever feels this current of strength must already stand in the circle of light of the divine radiation, otherwise he could not be touched by it.

And the human being on earth cannot yet grasp what this means .... what it means to be allowed to be a bearer of light and strength already on earth and to be able to pass on divine strength, which flows to people in the form of His Word, to fellow human beings and thus, as it were, to be able to pass on the strength from God. Where this great grace is offered to the human being, no struggle should appear too difficult to him, for if he struggles for inner strength and fortitude for his will he will reach his goal ..... He will always be able to easily accomplish what first appears difficult to him, he will feel the strength from God and his desire for union with God will become ever more heartfelt, and God will also fulfil this desire ....



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